Despite the mass list of epic locations already hit on the WMFT, I’d like to say it to be entirely clear with you guys here…

The World Tour for me is apersonal exploration above all else.

Yes, I love the history, I love the adventure, I love the wine (duh)… I love all of it… but above all, I am doing this for the reason I do pretty much everything… to grow and discover and expand myself so that my contribution to others and the creation of my life ongoing is a conscious one… a deliberate one… one that’s really ME.
So I’m doing that.
And you know what I’ve re-discovered?

Deep personal growth is the most courageous pursuit there is.

I’ve jumped out of an airplane 10,000 times… I’ve left the security of Corporate America for the terror in entrepreneurship… I’ve launched myself on a trip around the worldchallenging my business and myself in ways I never have…
And none of this… NONE of it… is as challenging (or as rewarding) as really looking inside.
In life coaching, I talk a lot about people doing “the work,” always singing their praises for doing it.
Because clearing away all that crap INSIDE US that holds us back, makes us feel bad, dulls our awesomeness……
Getting at that.. getting through that…
It’s hard as sh*t, but sh*t.. that’s our access to joy, legit self-love, and for real feeling FREE in ourselves and with all people in our lives.
And the ONLY way to get it… is by doing the work.
If you want to do this for you… call me.
Or call your BFF.
Or hire a therapist.
Or join a group.
Dive in and open up deeper than you ever have.

Own your story.

Own your pain.
Own your awesomeness.
Own it all.
All because you care about yourself, and everyone you love that loves you.
That kind of call.. that kind of conversation.. that level of honesty with ourselves and our people…
That’s #COURAGE.
Courage3 Courage8

*NOTE: I absolutely am taking new clients while living abroad… so if you’re wanting to make some change for yourself, or just try coaching with me out to see what it’s like and what it can do for you… drop me a line, and we’ll talk. 🙂

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