Melanie Curtis has jumped out of an airplane over 11,000 times. She has competed at the highest levels in the sport of skydiving, has set world records with her team and has worked around the world as a headlining professional skydiver.

As a leader and known voice in both skydiving and personal development, Melanie has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Thrive Global, on CBS Sunday Morning, Masters of Scale, and more. Melanie is now a sought-after speaker, leading and creating from her belief that being brave comes in so many forms unique to each of us. 

In her coaching work, Mel helps the highest performers look inward into our dark corners, taking on some of the bravest work there is, and the only way we can expect to grow, heal, connect and contribute in the ways we most deeply want in ourselves, with others and the world. 

Melanie is a fierce champion for growth and inclusion. This has led Melanie to a powerful position of positive influence in her expanded career as a life coach, speaker and author. She has authored three books: One Positive Thought Can Change Everything, With Our Whole Broken Hearts and How to Fly: Life Lessons from a Professional Skydiver.

The How to Fly Audible book just dropped and is available now.

Melanie also co-hosts the Trust the Journey podcast with Jason Moledzki, creating conscious connections through raw and vulnerable sharing from their professional expertise and human experience.

Melanie is the current Executive Director of the Women’s Skydiving Network nonprofit and with that co-founded the Highlight Pro Skydiving Team, an all-female demonstration jump team, to inspire women and girls to live a bold brave life of their own design and elevate conversations of equality and social justice.

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