So I’m sitting here on a commercial jet, en route to New Orleans for a friend’s wedding, trying to come up with how to explain Step 2 of high comms.

Not that I don’t have an uber clear picture in my mind on what it is to me, but because I feel like I’m trying to put into words the numero uno thing that made my life incredible.  And in my mind, a major key to my future success. …  Then, let a ton of people read it.  All of whom I want to like it.  To get it.  To get me.  To like me.  Geez.  It’s like the Put-yourself-out-there Expo and I want my booth to be perfectly enticing to everyone who strolls by, so my popularity skyrockets, and sales quadruple in the first quarter.  No pressure there, right?  Hahaa, sh*t, no wonder I’ve got writer’s block.
See, I aspire to educate and influence people positively with what I’ve learned, through a process I believe at my core irrefutably works, and can work for anyone.
Thing is, I’m writing it as an authentically, and completely concocted theory all my own based on all the evidence I’ve gathered through my experience and education up to this point.  Cool, yeah? The whole thing totally excites me and freaks me out all at the same time.  I love it.  My issue, is I can’t figure out how to say it without, in my mind, sounding like a preachy know-it-all.
Let the record show, that I do NOT, in no way no how, think I know it all. (Sweet subtle reference for all you Wizard of Oz fans out there. I’m a movie-quoter, it’s what I do.)  I am simply full-on inspired by the experiences I’ve had that truly have given me this LTD life, on top of improving every single relationship I have.  Work, friends, love, family, everything.  There is nothing I credit more for making that happen than the practice of high comms.  So as much as my inside voice of uncertainty wants to hold me down and keep me safe from rejection or failure, I’m willing to stick this writing thing out, bring back the witch’s broom, and share my take.
Below.. not the best picture, but yeah, that’s my witch melting…….. what’s your witch?

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