So I’m guessing most people think the World Tour is one big bliss-fest…

… where I’m gloriously sweeping from one fancy location to the next, effortlessly taking it all in, one enlightened moment after another, seamlessly having client calls in between historical landmarks and bucket-list life experiences…
That description… is most definitely my goal. And I actually have no doubt I’ll get there… at some point.
photo 1Hahaha if you’re reading between the lines, yes, this is me letting you know that said description hasn’t quite been fully realized yet. Rather, the second day I was here, I had to bound up the stairs to have 5 minutes of centering/prep time before my call when I usually like to have 30. Session still was awesome, but absolutely a stressful lead-up for me. I had flexed a bit on my buffer time for my friends, committed to being chill and easy-going on the #WMFT… needless to say I’ve been downright anal about it since, and I’m totally f*ckin cool with that.
Because rocking the mobile-entrepreneur piece:
a) is hugely important to me in that I care deeply about my people,
b) it’s my livelihood funding my food and all these things I dream up,
c) it’s a critical piece to my being chill and enjoying all of the World Tour (see: life), and
d) I have the power to effect boundaries that work for me, my business, and the travel, so I am.
So yeah, full honesty… transitioning to livin’ the #WorldTour dream has been downright mind-boggling in a great, holy-shit-life-experience-ahhhhhhhh! way… AND pretty freakin’ stressful too. There is so much awesomeness all around me literally every moment, I sometimes find myself stressing more when I notice that any stress has crept in at all to dampen my complete enjoyment of every experience. … But that’s not how life works, is it… sometimes things get crazy and we get stressed. Although totally normal and ok, stress most definitely impinges on bucket-list bliss.
So, ok, stress sucks, duh, we all know that… but what do we do about it?
Well, after realizing I was getting stressed before every new location (6 so far in two weeks)… I decided I needed to figure that shit out. And that’s the lesson I’ve most recently re-learned here on the World Tour…


Whatever challenge you’re facing, educating yourself is something you can always do to feel like you’re progressing even if you are still amidst or immersed in the challenge. For me, I dove into the internet and learned how to book affordable World-Tour lodging with guaranteed Wifi. That’s now one of my responsibilities in our little travel team and I love it. For you, maybe you do the same thing, searching out YouTube videos with great info… maybe you ask a trusted friend for book recommendations or just advice that speaks to your specific situation.
Armed with more information and new perspective, we can take a breath and look at our experience again with fresh eyes. New perspective is powerful stuff. It dissolves away stress like when you drop an Alka-Seltzer into a cup of water. Might fiz for a bit, but in the end you feel awesome.
So there you have it… new perspective is mental Alka-Seltzer. It frees our mind and spirit to enjoy our lives that much more. And we get it by simply putting effort into our own education.

What do you want to learn about for yourself to free yourself?

Hope this helps, thank you as always for reading! Now I’m off to read my book!

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