Lessons are coming quicker now here on the ol’ World Tour

I’m not kidding you, as soon as a wrote my last post about being stressed, said stress completely went away.
Today was the freest I’ve felt the entire time I’ve been abroad (going on day 19). And that’s the immediate next lesson…


photo 3Being real is a courageous act.
It opens us up to judgement, lack of love and acceptance, or whatever it is we fear in sharing what’s really going on in us or in our lives. So when we do.. when we say “F you” fear, and show ourselves anyway, there’s no more instant access to freedom.
What we don’t often consider is that being real is also our access to the deepest trust, love, and human connection there is.
Seriously, think about it… think about the last REAL conversation you had with a person, where you didn’t hold yourself back and that relationship was forever changed? Instantly and gratuitously deepened? Can’t remember? Maybe this is your opportunity to step that shit up. Real connection does not take place if the real you ain’t shown’ up, just sayin.

Watered-down you doesn’t work.

To clarify, this does not mean I suggest going and telling everyone every deep and meaningful thing about yourself.
I’m talking about your comms with those you trust and respect, who have earned that level of sharing from you. Whether you’ve gone there in the past before, or whether this’ll be a first. If they fall into that category, do it. Tap your courage and speak.
My friend and mentor, Peter Shankman, one of his main messages is this: “Having an audience is a privilege not a right. It’s exactly like wearing spandex.” I personally say, hey, if you want to wear spandex, go to town, I’m cool with it. But when it comes to the audience part, I am COMPLETELY with him.
I take that.. I take YOU.. very seriously. YOU, someone who spends their extremely valuable time and energy to read what I write… I’m not gonna give YOU anything but what’s real. Sure, sometimes it’s shorthand, but always real.
What’s real today? I’m feeling pretty f*ckin good, and all because you guys were there to listen and let me be me.