I just did The Landmark Forum.

Holy CRAP, my mind was completely blown.
I’m not kidding people, being the personal-growth junkie that I am, highly active and engaged professional life coach, prolific reader, etc etc etc, I walked into this thing thinking I knew what was up. I had no idea. No…

I had NO  idea.

Roller Coaster face

(What Landmark feels like haha)

I could write all about it here, but really it’s experiential learning at it’s best, true discovery of self, and in these discoveries, we transform in ways we had NO CLUE were possible. Seriously, it’s crazy sh*t that I 100% recommend for every human on the planet. If nothing else, it is a hard-core life experience, a roller-coaster ride of emotions, that creates a clearing of consciousness that actually holds the power of all possibility.
Sounds annoying, possibly even off-putting, in it’s bigness, I know, but fo reals, we don’t know what we don’t know. And anytime we think we have it all figured out, we instantly block any possibility that exists outside that knowing. Chew on that and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
ANYWAY, now I’m in my post-Forum seminar series, which is super awesome, as it’s challenging me to put my money where my mouth is, and fully, actively engage with the people in my life.
I’m talking actually talking… making the calls when you’d normally text… calling the people you never call… making the time for others in a real way… and just sharing for the sake of sharing.

No agenda, just a commitment to connection, openness, and authenticity.

What do I say to this? … F*@# YEAH is what I say to this! I mean, this is highcomms. This is the practice of what I’ve based my life and business entirely around. It’s getting me back to my own basics, and already producing crazy results with my family, friends, my network, and Nick. Deeper connections created instantly just from having a little courage in conversation. It’s nuts.
Andree Mel dock

(We are so cool.)

For example, I was texting with my sister last night and realized it was an opportunity. Instead of sending the next reply, I just called. We had an amazing talk. No pressure, just talking, sharing, and being ourselves together.
I loved every minute of it. I love my sister so much.
Nothing was wrong with us not talking, we text a bunch and that’s cool, but whoa, how that connection explodes instantly when you actually talk for real. She texted me after and said, “Best phone call ever, love hearing from you :)” My sister and I are more connected, feel more love, enjoy more hilarity, etc.. all because I just called and she answered.

It really is that simple. Get out there and get in it.

Get real. Go huge. Share. Share openly and authentically knowing it’s the gateway to greatness in all areas of your life.

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