Deep healing <> Peak performance

Melanie Curtis is a coach, speaker, author, activist, podcast host and professional skydiver with over 12,000 jumps and 27 years in the sport. As a leader and influencer in both skydiving and personal development, Melanie has been tapped as an expert in Forbes, Fast Company, Thrive Global, Elle, SportTechie, on CBS Sunday Morning, Masters of Scale, ABC, Fox5 and more. She has spoken at Athleta, Ellevate, IBAC, HATCH, GNAP, Industrial Economics, her alma mater Middlebury College, guest lectured at Cornell University, and more.

Melanie has published three books, including her most recent and significant published work, How to Fly: Life Lessons from a Professional Skydiver, in print and on Audible.

Melanie has helped organize and execute women’s skydiving world records, trained and competed at the highest levels, coached at the Red Bull Fly Girls event, and has stunt-doubled for a number of film projects, including but not limited to an Emerald Nuts commercial and Weird Al Yankovic video.

Melanie is the first-ever recipient of the Parachute Industry Association Mentorship Award for her long-standing contribution to the parachuting community and her efforts to revolutionize coaching via modern technology, scaling impact for new jumpers.

Melanie’s work as a life coach is held confidential, but her clients range from start-up founders and seasoned executives to loyal fans and followers struggling with uncertainty, fear and faltering confidence. She also facilitates growth with leadership teams struggling to inspire engagement, positivity and follow-through.

Most recently, Melanie was appointed Executive Director of the Women’s Skydiving Network foundation and co-founded Highlight, an all-female professional demonstration jump team whose mission is to inspire women and girls to live bold brave lives of their own design, to elevate gender equality and motivate social impact. Highlight has done a series of highly publicized jumps in New York City, Nashville, Seneca Falls, Dallas, Seattle, and more. Highlight has partnered with the NCAA Softball World Championships on ESPN, National Women’s Soccer League teams, Athletes Unlimited, the New York State Fair, the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission in DC and other social impact groups.



Team Group Coaching
  • Deep healing <> Peak performance
  • Team dynamics <> Debrief structure
  • Comedy as a KEY skill in growth and happiness
  • Being brave <> Being free
  • Building relationships, trust, influence
  • Resilience workshop <> Active tools


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    “I meant what I said about this being your true calling. You are in the life changing business and I’ll never forget the change you have made in mine and my family’s. I will be eternally thankful. You are a true pro and a master of your craft, so much in fact that one doesnt really even notice your influence at the time, only that suddenly that there is a significant improvement in an area where there hadn’t been any. That is what a true natural talent looks like. Regardless of the profession, the best always make it look effortless and your methods reflect that. For the first time in a very long time I feel mentally and emotionally dialed in, and it’s great.”


    You know I read all the reviews about you on your site and still I wondered what you have to offer. Obviously I was curious enough to still… I’m sure you’re told often that you hit the nail on the head so easily it seems. I’m speechless lol not a familiar thing for me. Thank you a million times over. I don’t think you’re trying to sell me but you have.”

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