Peak performance.
Melanie helps high-performing teams wield fear and flow into actually fulfilling peak performance. Melanie’s approach softens perfectionism as the armor that becomes our prison if not balanced with deeper healing and hilarity – looking bravely at ourselves while embracing the comedy and ridiculousness of being human at our edges.
True peak performance comes from mastering these skills. True fulfillment comes from engaging fully in this process while surrendering completely to it too. Melanie is a masterful teammate holding space for exactly this kind of healing and growth.
Melanie’s stories are as human as they are mind-bending for any audience looking for inspiration and motivation to change their current game. Melanie draws insight from her world records, decades of business success, speaking on the biggest media stages, and a powerful network rich with purpose and love. Her success comes from her own relentless bravery, inclusivity, always finding what’s funny and her willingness to look deeply and uncomfortably at herself at every stage. Melanie makes what she’s done feel accessible to every audience.
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Leadership Development
  • What World Records Teach Us About Peak Performance
  • Rediscovering Peak Performance: Rising from Post-pandemic Languishing
  • Harnessing Fear and Risk to Reach New Heights
  • Resilience Workshop – Writing & Drawing for Healing
  • Working with Fear: Reflection, Connection & Brave Nonsense
  • Comedy as a KEY skill in Growth and Leadership


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    “I meant what I said about this being your true calling. You are in the life changing business and I’ll never forget the change you have made in mine and my family’s. I will be eternally thankful. You are a true pro and a master of your craft, so much in fact that one doesnt really even notice your influence at the time, only that suddenly that there is a significant improvement in an area where there hadn’t been any. That is what a true natural talent looks like. Regardless of the profession, the best always make it look effortless and your methods reflect that. For the first time in a very long time I feel mentally and emotionally dialed in, and it’s great.”


    You know I read all the reviews about you on your site and still I wondered what you have to offer. Obviously I was curious enough to still… I’m sure you’re told often that you hit the nail on the head so easily it seems. I’m speechless lol not a familiar thing for me. Thank you a million times over. I don’t think you’re trying to sell me but you have.”

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