Identifying Fear and Clarifying Values

Poland Skydiving Symposium, 2019


  • Energetic Leadership

  • Clarifying values / Identifying fear

  • Team dynamics / Debrief structure

  • Building relationships / Earning trust

  • Comedy as a key skill in growth/achievement

  • Live coaching session / Direct Q&A with your team


“How to Fly: Life Lessons from a Professional Skydiver”

Based on the #1 Best Seller


“I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie at a Mastermind event hosted by Laura Allen last December. Two things immediately come to mind when I think of Melanie: 1.  She gets the job done- she is a doer and has accomplished so much, and she brings her A game every time and 2. She is one of the loveliest, most authentic and big-hearted humans in business I’ve met.”

“Mel is THE person to bring in to talk about overcoming fear. We ALL feel fear, whether it’s in life, our business, our relationships, lack of clarity or confidence in the future or ourselves in hard times… Mel’s handle on this topic.. this skill set.. and her ability to relate it to specific audiences with her unique energy and humor… I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

“I LOVED your talk. Biggest takeaway: make room for the unexpected. It’s in the random moments that come up unexpectedly that I realize how stretched thin I am. That’s the bigger motivation I now have to hire and delegate. Thank you for showing me the need to take action, not necessarily to prevent burnout, but more so to make room for the unexpected. Also, I was thoroughly  entertained by your presentation. HILARIOUS memes!!!”

“Melanie is a seriously entertaining and insightful speaker, pulling you in with her incredible stories from her skydiving, life and client experiences. Her delightful sense of humor makes you want to be her friend, while her command of the material and real-time coaching earn your trust instantly.”

“Look up ‘badass’ in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of Melanie Curtis. (Go ahead, I’ll wait). No kidding, this woman jumps out of planes on a ridiculous basis. As in thousands of times. For someone who is always up in the sky, she is surprisingly down to earth. And funny. And awesome. And a kick-ass speaker, too. Everyone needs more Melanie Curtis in their life. So hire her. Quick, before she jumps again…”

Starting fee $10,000

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