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A loving heart wrote this book and gave it voice

“A brilliant series of anecdotes, practical advice for an unforgiving sport, and thoughts about navigating life in a kind and fulfilling way. You don’t have to jump out of planes for fun to derive so much positive information from Ms. Curtis’ columns.”


Every article hits right where I’ve been

“This is a great collection of her articles. Although Mel’s skydiving career began pretty much where mine left off, we crossed paths while I did accounting work for Skydive Elsinore. Her articles touch everything I have gone thru in my skydiving and post skydiving life. Thank you for your insights into life and adding humor back into it.”


I can’t imagine anyone else reading this book!

“No one else could read this hilarious, life-changing book other than the author! It’s a must listen! So many lessons to be used in everyone’s life, for those who crave rich, deep experiences, and a life well-lived. Not just for skydivers!”

#1 in Extreme Sports!

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