We arrived at Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial on Veteran’s Day, November 11th, at 11am…

The date and time when World War I ended in 1918. Also known as Remembrance Day or “Poppy Day.”
Truly powerful perspective to see the immensepoppy art installation at the Tower of London, and now this. Incredibly moving.
Deeply proud to be an American,
and deeply grateful for all our Veterans, home and abroad, for their sacrifice so we can be free.
“Their graves are the permanent and visible symbol of their heroic devotion and their sacrifice in the common cause of humanity.”

We were lucky to get to witness this special ceremony on this special day.


Omaha Beach. Appreciating our freedom now, juxtaposed with myriad stories of incredible courage that happened right here in pursuit and defense of that freedom. Truly grateful for and feel honored to remember every soldier that fought for our freedom and the freedom of the entire world. Thank you, Veterans… Thank you.