Ok guys, quick post, here’s the deal… I’m starting a new video series answering your questions.

1. I want to add value and contribute to you guys who I value SO highly for being here.
2. I have clearly been avoiding doing this for myself and my business for a while and it’s time to buck up.
Courage, yo. Willingness to look dumb, yo. Willingness to be great too. Time will tell.
So there you have it. Consider this a tool for your growth. Whatever you’d like me to answer, fire away. Put your question in the comments below, post it on the FB page, Tweet it, comment on Vimeo, or drop me an email directly. I will pick and choose from the questions I receive, and answer them with new video posts.

What do you want my take on?

What do you want to learn more about for yourself?
Where are you feeling stuck and want some help?
What do you just wonder and would like to discuss?
I’m open. I’m not guaranteeing I’ll answer ALL questions always, but I do guarantee that the ones I do answer, I will always give you my full-on, straight-the-f*ck-up honest take.
Oh and PS. Just to beat this one to the punch, since I know I’ll be swearing. I swear. Carolyn and I always say and this is legit, “Swearing is a barometer of our happiness.” If you aren’t cool with profanity, you will literally never want to hang out with us.