Yes, this is late. Quite. But I figure when it comes to gratitude, anytime is awesome.

Writing this Thanksgiving 2012 post has been on my list for a long time, and despite putting it off every time I saw it, for some reason I never wanted to actually cross it off. So, in the theme of better-late-than-never-when-it’s-something-as-truly-great-as-sharing-gratitude, here is what I give thanks for from the year 2012…….
(In no particular order and in no way all-inclusive)
1. Nick. Yeah, this one’s easy. My number one still holds the number one spot. This one is in a particular order.
  Mel n Nick Empire State Bldg copy
2. Family. Both blood and chosen. My people. My life is awesome because of you. I love you. Thank you.
  photo 2-5
3. My clients. I feel like I get rewarded every time I get on the phone with one of you guys. Seriously. I feel like your achievements are mine too… I feel deep happiness in your happiness… I feel like the world is OURS, and I’m psyched at all the amazing sh*t we’ve already made happen, and will continue to make happen. Yeah, you know who you are. THANK YOU.
4. Crazy ridiculous amazing engagement! Yeah, this happened. Holy friggin’ smokes. I still look down at my ring in disbelief sometimes. Big bucket-list item I could never make happen on my own, hahaa obviously. Pure bliss. Thank you, Fonciiiiiii!
5. Highcomms Expansion Team! Carolyn Chow officially joining me in this dream business (and being one of the most amazing people on the planet that I get to hang out with on a regular basis… yeah, I got it good). Online classes exploding in awesomeness!!!! Thank you, Carolyn!!!
  New York City... met Cate Blanchett then walked in the rain in Times Square.... adventure.
6. Gossip Girl. Dang that show is quality crappy entertainment. Thank you, Blair Waldorf.
7. My iPhone. Makes my awesome mobile and organized life possible. Thank you, Apple.
8. My health. And the health of all my people. Not much to say about this one except, man, I’m thankful for all I’ve learned and keep learning on my own quest for the “healthy lifestyle” that’s going to really work for me. Thank you, projects.
9. Our home. It may contribute to my hermit status more than my social circle approves, but there’s just something about being home. Thank you, Colorado Loop.
  Mel-Nick House Jumping Pic
10. Blue Skies Magazine and Entrepreneurs Unpluggd. Every month these fine magazines give me the platform to share my 100% authentic voice in communities I truly love. They welcome me as a part of their team and I am grateful every single month even when I’m freaking out at the deadlines. A huge gift. Thank you guys!!!
  The 4 of us... Lara, Kolla, me, and the Mag. (Oh and Matt's sweet Waldo in the back.)
11. All the crazy-cool stuff I got to do. Including, but not limited to: Interview with local celebrity, Anne Richter. HILARIOUS Jack’s Commercial with Shannon. New York City with Carolyn. AZ Plosion. ETC.
  Radiant light and reflection.
12. The sky, airplanes, and every person/company that supports me so I can fly. Performance Designs, SunPath Products, Airtec Cypres, Cookie Composites, Liquid Sky, Hypoxic, Larsen & Brusgaard… Thank you for all your amazing support, THANK YOU for keeping me safe. (And thank you for helping me look cool too hehe)
  I say yes
13. Delta Airlines. I know this might sound crazy for anyone who’s had the quintessential “bad travel experience,” but honestly, I love traveling. I love every bit about it. I appreciate that Delta gets me to all the places I want to go. And I love that they appreciate my business and a lot of times get me sitting in first class. I cannot tell a lie, first class is friggin sweet. Thank you, Delta.
  2. Delicious iced travel tea.
14. Everything. Really. I believe that everything that comes to us, somehow, some way… is a gift. Even the stuff that sucks. How else would we earn all that juicy life wisdom, and end up the most amazing person we were each meant to be? Yeah! F yeah. Thank you, life. You’re awesome.
The reason I write this post is not only because I’m a huge believer in gratitude, but also because being a life coach and highly action-driven person,
I’m constantly focused forward. And I love that.
I’m fully engaged in my life and truly feel like I’m really living at every turn. With that level of action though, I rarely take the time to simply let myself reflect and feel good about all I’ve done, all I’ve made happen, and all I have. And we deserve that. We work hard for our happiness, and we deserve so many more moments of peace.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is stop, look around, and give ourselves that time to bask in what’s great.

Go for it… think grateful, feel great.
*Feel free to post any thoughts, comments, experiences in the comments below.. would love to hear anything you got!

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