37,000 feet.  Sweet.

En route to TX, reading a great book by my friend, energetic associate, and sky pal, Dr. Louis Corleto.  His book is called Healing vs. Curing.  In the smallest of nutshells Lou challenges the current medical construct, basically saying that we all have the power to innately heal ourselves if/when we listen and respond to our innate wisdom.  In effect our health is the messenger to something bigger happening in our world.  Our health is the loud speaker everyday before the chaos of the school day starts, and all we have to do is listen to know to go to the auditorium for 6th period.  If we don’t listen, we go about our normal routine, sans auditorium, and ultimately end up in trouble with our teacher for being late, and without a school picture to take home to Mom. That’s the idea with the health stuff… if we listen early, the message is simple and easily fixable.  If we don’t listen, our problems only escalate until we do.
I mean, who am I to say if this is right or wrong, I have no idea. Seriously, I’m no homeopathic advocate, and I truthfully pop Advil like it’s my job on skydiving weekends, so I feel comfortable saying all this without feeling like I’m promoting either side as the obvious answer.  To me it’s just interesting.  And important.  Important in the sense that Lou is challenging us to think outside our own, rigidly constructed belief box. Most of us were born into our box, and we didn’t even know it was going up around us brick-by-brick as we grew up.  Every brick making up our box, is a belief we got from somewhere.

What I’m getting at here is this… the value  is in challenging the beliefs that make up our box.

We want to know that the bricks we’re using really do reflect who we are, and are going to withstand the inevitable tornadoes that roll through.  In effect, our challenge is to challenge the beliefs that rule our world.  That direct our decisions.  That direct our actions.  The beliefs that might be holding us back from for-real alignment,100% happiness, and peace.

And I’m not saying that all our beliefs are wrong.  Of course not.  I’m just saying, challenge them all.

And by that I mean, look consciously at what you believe, what you base your decisions on, where your reactions are rooted, and consciously determine whether they  really fit you or not.  Really think about it.  Observe yourself.  Determine what beliefs give you full confidence to go full-steam ahead, fearless, and in the same moment give you peace.  Determine which ones are helping you, and which ones are hurting you.  Keep the helpers, and ditch the hurters onto the scrap heap.
If we find one of our beliefs has been holding us back, good thing we looked at it, right?  I mean, if it were really true that I could heal myself fully without ever seeing the inside of a doctor’s office or drug store, it stands to reason it would be way worth it for me to spend the time looking at the belief that has me paying my copays every month without fail.  Thing is… do we have to wait to get sick to review our thinking?

We never know what we’re really capable of until we challenge what we think, and prove ourselves wrong.

Next time you catch yourself thinking or saying, “I can’t do that,” do it anyway and see what happens.  Gather evidence that you can.  I always thought I had to have a boss, or work at a company in order to be financially secure and stable.  Never knew how I’d ever be able to fulfill my life goal of seeing the world, because the type of work I “had to” have would never accommodate such a travel schedule.  Never knew how I’d get more face time with the people I love in the face of all the work I “had to” do to maintain said security.  What I did was start to take mini-leaps of faith doing things even though they went beyond what I believed possible.  I slowly gathered evidence in experience to disprove my limiting beliefs around work and what it “had to” look like to equate financial security.  Took some painful steps through the fire of disbelief, yes, and you know what… right now I’m on a plane to Austin for three days of pure best-friend QT.  And I didn’t have to ask anyone if I could do it.  And I’m “working” right now writing you.  And I’m sitting in first class.  And I had a free bloody mary at 8:44am.
See what I mean?  Do it.  Challenge your thinking.  Do what you think you can’t.  You can.

Not the best pic of me, but it’s the only one I took that tells the story. My face and drink half match.. sweet.

I look cooler in this one. Shades make pretty much anyone look cooler. Especially when worn indoors. As seen here. Life lessons, peeps.

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