Love this idea… a blog post listing what I’m grateful for.

Thanksgiving 2011. First of all I’m grateful to my Sis for the inspiration to write this. Think I’m just gonna go gangbusters and list things as they come to my mind, in no particular order, just going for it, gung-ho gratitude. Sweet.
Not to start with the easy ones, but I’m super grateful for my family and friends.. dang, if I don’t have just the best people in my life.. Nick, my Mom, Dad, Major Bro, Gram, SIL’s, nieces, nephews, most amazing soul sister, Monkeys, Grillets, Smithski’s, Finns, every single last one of my clients, both full-time and those of you I’ve only talked to for an hour. I am grateful for every moment of that work. And this list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. My people. My life is what it is because of you. I love you. THANK YOU.
I’m grateful for highcomms LLC, and the fist year being my own boss. I’m grateful for all the freedom and hard work that comes with it. I thrive on both. I am grateful for Jenn, my amazing website developer, making the highcomms redesign truly come to life with ease, efficiency, and beauty. I’m grateful for my super-sweet label maker, inkjet printer, and neat and new 3-ring binders making my business even more organized and clean. Feels f*cking amazing, this work. My enthusiasm for it is uncommon to say the least. I have trouble going to sleep at night and I start buzzing as soon as I wake up every morning, that’s how in love with this work I actually am. I am SO grateful for that passion, for finding this path I’m on, for finding what I feel I truly was meant to do. Cheese ball cheese, I’m grateful for cheese. Cheese? THANK YOU.
I am grateful for Nick… again… can’t help it, he deserves double-billing. Owning our first home, living together, creating our life together. It’s SO fun. Sometimes it re-hits me that all this is real, and I find myself in shock all over again. At risk of going over the cheese falls again, I’ll stop there, but suffice it to say, I am sometimes incomprehensibly grateful for Nick Grillet. In all his ridiculousness, for his true character, and for loving me like Bridget Jones, just as I am. Boyfriend. THANK YOU.
I’m grateful for Monkey Business and Team Dysfunction. I’m grateful for another safe year of skydiving. I’m grateful to all the awesome drop zones I was lucky enough to visit this year, and all the awesome people I got to meet along the way. I’m grateful for Blue Skies Magazine, all their support of my life-coaching self, and their willingness to print my voice without any edits. I’m grateful to Skydive Elsinore for all the wonderful years. I’m grateful to every last person who attended Chicks Rock and made it yet again the most amazing one. I’m grateful for every costume for all the hilarity they brought to the world. Bam. Costumes, THANK YOU.
I’m grateful to my coaches. My incredible circle of life coaching peers. The amount of inspiration, love, and support these women bring to my world is incalculable. I would NEVER be where I am now, without them, and I really believe that. Their coaching and unwavering commitment to our collective and individual visions propels us all forward like frickin’ rockets, I tell you. For reals yo, this one is MAJOR. Kim, Misty, Sherri, Sabina, Shereen, and Libby. You know. THANK YOU.
I’m grateful for all the travel I got to do this year!! Good God, I love traveling!! And I got to do a LOT of it this year. I’m grateful for my Delta Platinum status and every single free upgrade I got with it. I’m grateful for always getting exit row when I didn’t get upgraded. I’m grateful for really learning how to be mobile. I literally can run my business from anywhere and to me that is the ultimate freedom. Totally sweet iPhone4 and MacBook, THANK YOU.
There are a million other things I can list. I mean, literally, I could keep going and going and going, but I’m certain that would also get pretty frickin’ boring for you guys.

Deep down, I honestly feel grateful for everything.

Sure, things happen and emotions come and go, but overall, I live in a state of gratitude. For everyone in my life, and all the experiences, good, bad, ugly, amazing, and whatever in between. Every single bit of it has value because every single bit of it teaches us. Every single bit of it guides us more and more toward our own core purpose in life. I’m beyond grateful that I have learned how to listen, how to open my consciousness, and how to keep it all going. Man… thank you.