Last night was funny. Our first Christmas tree was going up.

Nick assembling it, me fluffing the branches, and both of us getting ready to enjoy the twinkly lights and holiday cheer. So, we’re getting close to full fluff and Nick suggests we plug it in to help me see better finishing off the bottom. I agreed and on went the lights………. um……… on went the lowest layer of lights. Hmm.
Tree- half lit
Now, at first I’m thinking, no big deal, we’ll do some tinkering and the lights will work. No worries. … Twenty minutes of tinkering later and we’re still looking at ¼ lights. As you can see, the bottom really did look pretty, but certainly less than ideal for the joyful moment of seeing your first Christmas tree lit up in your first living room for the first time. Nick tried his best and reassured me, no worries, we’ll just take it back tomorrow and get a new one. Obviously the best, most thoughtful plan given the circumstances. Emotionally however, I was battling upset. Magnified by the thought that Lowe’s likely wouldn’t have any of these trees left, we’d have to special order a replacement, and effectively the two weeks we have to enjoy Christmas here in our home were effectively gone.  Long story short, my hopes and dreams of first-year holiday cheer were slowly going down in flames before my eyes. Now, because I’m fairly practiced in not letting emotions get the better of me (see silver lining), I honestly was totally calm. I chose to accept the seemingly sucky reality as it was unfolding, mildly bummed, but not full-blown hysterical. Good.
Nick of course sees that I’m bummed and because he loves me, he gets up and gives it one last shot, plugging, unplugging, tweaking inside the branches, this cord here, that cord there, etc. THEN… he does something, presses the button, and hallelujah, the whole tree lights up. It’s clearly a Chrismtas Miracle!!!  Our beautiful tree, fully lit, and the day officially saved by my Prince Charming. I immediately started crying. Yup. Totally did. Tears of joy. Hugs, kisses, and tears of joy. Basically, I didn’t know how much this moment actually meant to me until we almost weren’t able to have it.  My happy tears taught me that.
You may think I am a dork (you would not be wrong), but I’m in complete love with this whole process of building and experiencing our new home together. All these firsts! For all you skydivers, I bought a case of Michelob Ultra and it’s in the fridge. Michelob Ultra is my favorite. Skinny can, skinny girl. ANYway, so all these firsts are so fun! They’re the building blocks of our lives together, of our own traditions, of our collection of memories. First time walking in the door, first night in the house together, first dinner at our new table, first guests sleeping over, first Nationals at home, first holly garland on the banister, etc. No wonder the switch for the lights was so important to me. I’m glad I know now. … Why? Because now I’m going to be even more conscious in cherishing these moments as they happen. We never know when the light switch isn’t going to work, so I want to be really here whenever it does.

When was the last time you were so moved, so happy, that you ended up in tears?

If tears didn’t actually flow, what was the last experience that triggered a flood of happiness? And why? What dream, what love, did it tap into?
Would love to hear your stories too, no matter how silly they seem. I’ll probably cry again when we put the frickin’ star on top. Keep you posted.

Christmas Miracle. ;)

Timer photos are key. 🙂