Hey, if we’re talking adventure, doing my first video blog was one of ’em.

Just leapt off the cliff.

One take. 31 seconds. When it comes to our lives.. our dreams.. gotta start sometime, right? Right. Now it’s your turn.
Thank you for checking it out, hope it inspires!! Hit me up with your answer to my question and we’ll get you going!

More pics from the NYC 36-hour adventure! Toooooootally worth every penny and every second.

We hit Times Square last, but went out with a bang. You know, some dancing and pointing at our camera in the middle of everything.

Blue plastic ponchos are all the rage in the City. My money is on Sarah Jessica Parker being seen in one next.

Roof sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Beautiful day.

Spending time in art museums is one of my favorite things. Carolyn too. Here some time with Jackson Pollack.

Saw Uncle Vanya on the City Center stage.. Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving (the Matrix Agent Smith dude), and everyone else in the show were fantastic. And we even got to meet Cate after and she autographed our playbill. Oh and saw Tom Hanks too, and he was nice! Super cool. 🙂

Obviously had to do the dance camera thing out front of the Met too. Duh.

12 years and counting.

Whatever your adventure, I encourage you to seize the day. Whether it’s hopping a cross-country flight for one day in NYC, zip-lining in the rainforest, riding your bike around your town, or whatever else you want to do in life.. do it… GO FOR IT. No better time than right now.

Need help making it happen? I’m your girl. We’ll get started with a Sample Session, and get you going on gettin’ ‘er all done. Done!