Block 23.

We made it, team. We made it to the end of this month of accountability.

Now, one would think I’d end on a high note, pristine eating and drinking, but instead I ended with celebration. After a rigorous 4 days of skydiving training, AZPlosion took it to the bar for some drinks and shenanigans. I actually just learned that block 23 is called Margarita-Margarita. 16 years in the sport and still learning. Sweet. Totally worth it. Team unity.
Full recap of the month coming this week. Insights, take-aways, entertainment.. whatever hits me that I think is worthy of your time. I’ll be looking for the true value of doing this whole thing, what I really got out of it, and therefore why you should try it too. Or why not.
Today’s food and drink: Sugar Free Red Bull (I really need to get off the juice, maybe that’s the next challenge…), two eggs and a thin, pear, apple with peanut butter, almonds, beef jerky, 5-hour Energy drink, 8 chips and crappy bar salsa (moderation!), margarita, 5 handfuls of bar popcorn (moderation x 2!), Bud Light pint x 2, Red Bull vodka, water water water, Olive Garden Soup Salad & Breadsticks (last time I resisted the breadsticks, this time, I did not. And I dipped them in alfredo sauce. Yeah, celebration dinner with the teammates was in full effect. We actually spent the entire time shooting spit-wads at each other like we were 12. Miraculously we didn’t get kicked out. They even thanked us as we left. Hmm. I’m not saying I recommend this.. I’m just saying it happened.)

As always, and I mean it every single time I say it, thank you for reading and sticking with me.

I hope you are getting something out of every single thing you read. Feedback is always always welcome, please post in the comments below anytime. Awesome.
30 down, 0 to go… we did it!!!! 😀 Hmm…. what’s the next challenge gonna be?? 😉 I’m all ears…….
PS. Because it’s awesome and hilarious, some of tonight’s shenanigans, but really it’s just team training for Nationals 2013 with Back-in-the-Day Team:

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