I’ve always been a person who has struggled with eating and exercise.

It’s never been an “easy” thing for me. I grew up slightly overweight, yet athletic and always active in sports.. in college put on the freshman-15+ and then lost a junior-year 30 when I went to Australia and only had a bicycle to get around.. NYC banking and eating tipped the scale back up, and then my skydiving 4-way goals brought me down again. And so the up-and-down has gone.
What I’m realizing lately is that to this point, I’ve been a “project” person.
I like trying new things and learning, and they help me when I approach diet and exercise, things I historically have not liked. I’ve done the juicing, a full month of strict accountability, I’ve done the super-low-carb thing, Insanity with Shawn-T (love Shawn T!), five-meals-a-day and Tom Venuto workouts with hydrostatic body-fat testing, etc.
Mom, Andree, Mel

With Andree and Mom!

My latest “project” is with my sister, Andree.. we both want to be healthy and fit for ourselves and our loved ones. (We may or may not be motivated also by our desire to look hot in our dresses at my January wedding (<– two different links here, just FYI)……) We are holding each other accountable to working out 6 days a week. We contact each other every day. It’s awesome, and it’s working. I hit the gym at 5:30am before skydive coaching all day on Monday. Today I went for a 45-minute bike ride to run an errand even though ALL I wanted to do was vegetate and eat Tagalongs. Never would have happened if I didn’t have to tell my sister. Boom. The added bonus? I get to connect with my sister every day! Win-win-win-win right there. Try it with someone you love who has the same goal.
Anyway, it sounds like I’ve done it all. Of course I haven’t. What I have done though, has been cool. What’s cooler, is that I feel peace in my enjoyment of my projects. I feel good about what I’m still learning. And I feel best in this sense that over the long-term it’s all adding up to a unique system to health and fitness that’s perfect for me.

I know, I know, eat healthy and exercise… I’m getting there.

PS. Would love to hear about any projects you’ve liked.. what you’ve learned along the path to your own health and fitness. Just write in the comments below! 🙂

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