“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” -Ferdinand Foch

Big things afoot here at melaniecurtis.com!

The Highcomms Expansion Team is happening… Carolyn Chow has officially come on board! Truth be told I’ve been all but harassing her for the last year to partner with me. Hahaa, true statement. Good thing she’s one of my very best friends and is cool with it. Not that we haven’t already been partners in crime for years before this: skydiving, movie making, Monkey Band, meat-and-potatoes for-reals friendship, etc, etc, etc. Now it’s just in writing and we’re channeling it to create a mega win-win for the world. YES.
 It’s truly incredible the flow of energy that comes when we believe the possibilities before us.
I believe in our team so much, and have so much FUN working with Carolyn. I also know I need her expertise in education, marketing, and video editing in order to really move forward confidently in this business. Now that we have it, I feel on fire tearing into the to-do list we came up with after our first working weekend. I feel grateful for my friend. And I feel SO lucky to truly love my work.

In the creative process of business planning!

Anyway, we spent the last week fully immersed in creating our business plan, using the book, The Right-Brain Business Plan, to help us through the intense process. It’s highly creative and completely clarifying. Totally awesome for people who dread and get blocked by the mere idea of “market research,” financials, product development, etc. It’s still a lot of work, but makes that process a lot more fun and flowing. We are halfway through our plan and already highly recommend.
Awesome. In the meantime, check out the new introductory video we made for the landing page. Not one of our ridiculous films, but have no fear, we most definitely plan to make more of those that are in line with the highcomms message. The ideas are already flowing in the way of motivationally slanted movie hilarity, and we always welcome more! Hit us up anytime and stay tuned! 😀

Skydiving with team Monkey Business…

Making the infamous Rap… The Ladies of Monkey Business Rap… a nearly exact spoof of SNL’s Natalie Portman Raps…

New York City… met Cate Blanchett then walked in the rain in Times Square…. adventure.

Monkey Band.

A little more movie-making…

Quality time. Quality time with the people you love the most. Done and done.

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