So prepping for the #WMFT is actually quite the job in and of itself.

Sure, I toot the horn of mobile entrepreneurship, but for the most part that’s been in the U.S. up to this point, and the times I did travel abroad I was definitely more disconnected than domestically, and pretty much never did client calls.
WhatsappSo I had to figure that out. Internet on the road? Cell service? Call costs? Wifi calling? What’s AppViber? Skype? Mobile hotspot? Etc etc etc.
I decided to switch cell services, to T-Mobile, because internationally, they seem to have the best, most affordable and workable plan for what I am doing and where I am going. Cool. I also will certainly be using regular Wifi as much as I can to guarantee great connections and great service. *Just an FYI, T-Mobile in the U.S. is TERRIBLE. If you’ve been reading me for any length of time, you know I am usually the one that talks about stuff I find awesome, and finding the silver linings in anything that’s seemingly sucky. Cool. In the case of T-Mobile, the silver lining is that I’m clear, without shadow of a f*cking doubt, the moment I step back onto U.S. soil post-#WorldTour, I’m switching back to Verizon or AT&T.
I also have had to figure out how to get myself vaccinated for all the possible diseases I could come in contact with in all the places I’m going. My regular doctor was able to give me a few that I needed, then directed me to Public Health for the rest. Long story short, I’ve been trying to get the rest of my vaccines for like the last couple months, and I still don’t have them. (Granted, I moved across the country, and prioritized some other things ahead of this, so part of the extended timeline is on me for sure.) See, sometimes when people say they are going to fax prescriptions over, they actually mean they aren’t going to fax them over and they also aren’t going to call you to let you know they’re not faxing them over even though they just told you they were faxing them over, and then will subsequently be abrasive and unhelpful on the phone when you call sitting in front of a doctor you drove 3.5 hours to see who needs said fax in order to give you anything. Sweet. Hahahaa ahhh the comedy of life. On the plus side, that in-person doctor was super helpful and directed me to the travel clinic part of the nearby hospital and I have an appointment on Tuesday for everything I have left to get. Fingers crossed! I’m feeling good about this one. 🙂
Right on. So I guess the moral of this post is, plan ahead and shoot for getting stuff like this early. I fly to London by way of Atlanta on October 26th, 10 days from today… whoa! I can’t really say I feel ready. I can say I’m excited and I can say I’m scared. I also know I’m learning and growing already in the logistical and emotional challenge of it all. I figure there’s logistical and emotional challenge in pretty much everything, so I might as well experience it aiming to expand myself, my business, and whatever added value for others I can extract. Booyah, yeah I like that.

My thinking is there is always positive value in everything even when I can’t see it or when I feel afraid.

In my experience, the greatest gifts in life lie on the other side of our fears, so I choose to press through them, expanding myself and what I believe and know as possible in the process. Man, it’s emotionally rigorous sometimes, but I always believe it’s worth it. As such, I hope for you that you are inspired to expand and experience yourselves as positively powerful through whatever fears you face too.. because you are.
We got this. 🙂
Thanks for coming with me and supporting me on the ride.
Love you all!

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