So I woke up this morning feeling completely awesome and 9.6 pounds down.

9.6.  Holy crap.  Literally.  Hahaa, gross.  But seriously!  All the junk I’ve been carrying around in my body, I’ve blasted out in a week and all I really had to do was resist my cravings.  Sure it’s tough going over to a friend’s house and watching them eat a delicious creamy pork and white sauce dinner (last night).. but then again that’s one night of one week that really feels like it hasn’t been that hard.
Sure I had to plan ahead, buy a bunch of food, read a bunch online, talk with trusted friends, gather recipes, track my progress, etc, then of course actually take the time to juice everything… so it’s not like it’s nothing.  It’s definitely something. It definitely takes conscious effort.  I’m just saying in my experience, it hasn’t been that hard to stick to.  I was mentally prepared going in, thinking it was going to be torture, and I’m coming out the other end pleasantly educated and inspired.  It’s kind of like skydiving for new tandem students that have been dragged there by their boyfriend or girlfriend… they think it’s going to be a nightmare, and then when they actually survive, they’re blown away and their whole world opens up to new possibility.  That’s me.  I’m a new tandem student, stoked she lived, and now all jazzed up by AFF. (For you non-skydivers, I’ll happily explain this metaphor, just ask me. :))

Now, it hasn’t all been roses either.

Yesterday I mentioned in my post how I’m no doctor.  And I’m not.  I didn’t consult one before doing this, and that thought got the better of me a little bit last night.  A fear came up in me a little bit saying, “oh man, what if I haven’t actually done this right and right now I’m poisoning my body or something else totally terrible and dangerous?”  I mean, I’ve read a bunch of stuff, watched the documentaries, talked with friends who have done this, and still, because it was truly an unknown to me in terms of actual experience, I got nervous.  So, instead of letting my fear domino into major freak-out, I went back to my literature and texted a knowledgeable friend to confirm that I’d been doing the right things all week, and as such, was perfectly ok. I did and I was.  The only thing I read that I hadn’t done was an enema once a day.  I hadn’t been doing that.  So, without getting into the gory details, suffice it to say, I drove to Walgreens, came home, took care of business, successfully pulled myself back from the ledge, and went back to feeling awesome.
Something also worth sharing I think, is that this week has been a very restful week for me overall.  I’ve been really listening to my body, going to bed earlier than I normally do, getting solid sleep this whole time.  I honestly, hardly ever do that being all hopped up on Red Bull and my own enthusiasm every day.  Think definitely a key part of this whole thing, is making sure you have the ability to rest a little more than normal.  Not like you have to be a complete hermit, but having an easier week when you do this, I’d bet is a good thing.
Right on! I can’t believe today is the last day! Crazy!  Now I have to figure out how I’m going to taper myself back onto solid foods the next three days… we’ll see how that whole thing works. Trying to squeeze out all the information and learning I can outta this thing, for all of us.  Totally juicing the whole experience.  Ok, that was bad, but whatever.  Hahaha… love you guys!! 😀

Delicious juice I made last night, keeping the other half for this morning. Used a lot of spinach this time, jammed it into the juicing tube twice. Wanted to make sure the vegetable count was still high. Still yummy. A green juice fo sho.

A few of the delicious teas I’ve had this week. I did the water with lemon half the time (oddly tasty and satisfying), and tea other times. 🙂