October 11th has been on the calendar for a long time as our Family Day for this year.

Our goal was to change it up and have it in the fall… instead of having a Christmas party, making everyone travel to upstate NY in the dead of winter when 8 million other things are going on (see: Santa, shopping, holiday concerts, a partridge in the pear tree, etc.). With no snow on the ground, we could grill up some burgers, the kids could play outside, and booyah, family fun fall-style.
Our love of each other and our family brought us together, and everyone brought a dish.
It was an awesome day and all the food was mmmmm deeeeeLISH! I haven’t indulged on that much mac-n-cheese, pasta salad, and peanut butter cookies in a LONG time. If ever. Add in the pizza and beer in the garage around the wood stove after hours, and my body was pretty much in full revolt.
The reason I’m telling you guys this is that over the last year in my pursuit toward health, fitness, hotness, and happiness, I have learned VERY CLEARLY how huge eating healthy food and exercise really is. I know, DUH… eat healthy and exercise. It’s the age-old thing when talking about nutrition, feeling good, looking good, all that.
I’m just saying to you guys now… that shit’s the truth.
Anytime I’m feeling low… endorphins.
Anytime I’m feeling weak… awesome food.
Anytime I want to feel my absolute best… BOTH.
So last night, despite my lazier judgement, I set my alarm for 6:30am, for a crispy morning run seeing my breath before anyone else got up. I said no to the bagels with delicious butter and opted for fruit, coffee, and a delicious chicken caesar for lunch. And today… I feel back to awesome.
Want to feel awesome, look awesome, and be your most awesome self? Eat healthy and exercise. I wouldn’t say that’s all it takes, but I’d say those two really f*ckin help. Yeah, I drop f-bombs when I really mean it.
If you have trouble setting that alarm, getting out of bed, or making whatever healthy choice you’re wanting to make… comment on this thread and I’ll hold you accountable to get you going too. We got this, team. #WorldTour #WMFT #healthyhothappy

photo 1

Family timer photo! (Yes, I was the one who organized/forced everyone into this. Sweet.)

:) <3

The fam with Grampa. He’s 92 and awesome. 🙂


Notice the beers… #bluesteel

From my morning run... fuels the soul in multiple ways.

From my morning run… fuels the soul in multiple ways.

A funny-face pic at the playground is totally key.

A funny-face pic at the playground is totally key.

Ended the day with this view, hangin' with Mom & Al. #perf #home #WorldTour

Ended the day with this view, hangin’ with Mom & Al. #perf #home #WorldTour