Soooooo my life has pretty radically changed over a perceptibly short period of time.

My personal life is in a large transition, brand new chapter upon me, fresh start, breakdown equals breakthrough, you know, all that good stuff. Not quite time to write about that in greater length, but perhaps I will at some point in the future because extracting insight from experiences, no matter what they are, is something I feel gets to the positive value in everything. Considering life’s ups and downs and seeing what we can learn from every loop. That’s awesome. And it always makes me feel good.. makes me feel like I’m making a bigger-picture contribution to others through my own human experience, no matter what it looks like. I like that. #silverlining #everythingisforus #positivevalueineverything #unconditionalloveisreal #loveprevails #booyahtouchdownwemakemiracleshappen #andsoonandsoforth #hahaha #ilovehashtaggingandhilarity Also, I only make mention of this transition in my life now so the rest of this post makes a bit more logistical sense. Cool.
WMFTSO, at the end of this month, I am embarking on a World Tour. Aka #WorldTour, aka #WMFT. This trip is certainly for the fun of living out a bunch of bucket-list items (See: Stonehenge, first stop), definitely… but what I’m actually most fired up about is taking my model of mobile entrepreneurship to the international road. In my business, I talk to my clients on the phone or via Skype, and we email and text in between throughout the week… so as long as I have a phone/internet connection and enough sleep to be 100% engaged, why should it matter where I answer the phone? Why should it matter whether it’s New York or New Delhi, Phoenix or Florence, Chicago or Bangkok? I’m most inspired in my own life, relationships, and business when pressing into that who-knows-if-it’ll-work, lets-give-this-shit-a-shot realm… I’m most inspired challenging what is possible.

Trust me, I have no clue how this is going to go.

I might completely crack under the exhaustion or disorganization of travel. I totally might. Knowing those possible pitfalls ahead as I go into this unique business and life experiment, I’m setting myself up to be prepared for these things. At the very basic level, I see my goal as managing time zones and my own personal energy such that anytime I’m talking to a client, they always feel exceptionally served. Above all else, this is my goal on the #WorldTour, secondary to my own experiences. Because I love my business and my people so much, because they are my top priority, this experience of expanding the current boundaries of mobile entrepreneurship, expanding myself and what I imagined possible at this point… yeah, that’s the ticket… doing it… trying this new thing I never could have dreamed up til now… doing it and doing it now because now is the time.
May seem a bit ironic, but my ultimate goal for myself personally after the #WorldTour is complete, as cliché as it may sound… is to settle down. Put down some roots… build a home and a family.
In the meantime, I absolutely invite you to join me on the #WorldTour! My plan is to write and share every step of the way… musing about the happenings as they happen… sharing pics, videos, ridiculousness and insight all along the way. Who knows what it’s going to be, but I love the idea of you all coming with! 😀
Right on, my friends.. all the best to you and yours til we begin.
Thank you and love you all!!!!!!