In the midst of turmoil and chaos, I have some really good news that came from a really good surprise. If you have a couple minutes, please read this entire post to learn where this good news is going.

photo by Irina Leoni

First, my incredible friend and extremely talented artist and educator, Sarah Walko, got selected as ONE OF THREE for the new Art for Good program through HATCH. Soooo crazy proud of her!!! I urged her to apply because of her expansive work as a visual artist and as an educator in the arts and marginalized communities.
Second, unbeknownst to me, she applied for the program specifically focusing on the graphic memoir collaboration and resiliency education program we co-authored with another talented artist and friend, Kirsten Kramer, called With Our Whole Broken Hearts.
Um.. WHAT?
Stoked and grateful to get to work with Sarah leading our impact efforts, with Kirsten bringing her unparalleled illustration talent and the entire HATCH team for its commitment and active efforts to champion projects and missions like ours.
HATCH is a non-profit ecosystem that consists of a global network of diverse individuals, industries, expertise and collaborators, who cross-pollinate to accelerate solutions and big ripples for positive local and global impact – to HATCH A Better World.
We are now working to expand the book and WOWBH project, establish our 10-week resilience workshop curriculum and accompanying workbook, creating the program for the general public and ultimately aiming to come together with a social impact partner to help domestic violence victims or other social impact groups that become a fit.
It helps, during these challenging times, to work on reimagining a new tomorrow. As I already shared, I feel deep and humble gratitude to be a part of this team and for the support this project will receive in this program designed to help artists reach their highest project goals while simultaneously connecting us with the causes and resources that will amplify environmental and social impact.
Oh hell yeah, that’s some freakin good news.
Please reach out if this inspires you in any way and we will share more.
Much love always,

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