Sitting and watching a Zoom call is great. I also think those kinds of calls can only do so much to support our emotional and mental health right now. With that, I wanted to create something more interactive… more intentional for connection… and with that, more meaningful.

I am a believer in meaningful gathering as a powerful access to healing connection, inspiration, peace and creative release.

If you can’t afford to attend this session, I have set aside comp tickets for those struggling financially in these trying times. If you can afford a ticket, please join us too. 
Everyone who attends will receive a digital copy of the first book I ever wrote, One Positive Thought Can Change Everything.
This session is LIMITED TO 20 LIVE ATTENDEES. 
Wednesday, April 15th, 7pm EST / 4pm PST
This is so that we can foster that interactive connection that is so healing and heart opening.
That said, if you would still like to get the recording after, you can get a ticket for that option as well.
For this session, I invite everyone to bring one or two quotes/ideas that have helped you in your life. Each person will get a change to share if they would like, and I will facilitate deepening the discussion to magnify the value and connection for all of us.
  How to Fly is my company. It is also my last book. It is the name of these things because I have believed in this idea… in this beautiful metaphor of flight as freedom, as spiritual connection, as FUN for most of my life. We access these experiences and feelings by doing sessions like this.  
Hit me up with any questions and see you Wednesday!

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