Hello my beautiful friends… time for some love, and some useful insight.

For the last two weeks, I’m guessing we’ve all been touched by the intense changes with the Covid-19 global pandemic, the escalating stress, the low hum of fear, the spikes of fear, the worry about loved ones, the new health habits that can’t even guarantee our safety… the illusion of control being ripped from our minds.

None of us have done this before.
None of us have any idea what to expect.
None of us can control how the big picture turns out.
It sounds bad.
Life is radically different than it was even one week ago.
The list of things-we-hugely-took-for-granted is LONG.
And today it got me.
I cracked under the pressure… I cracked from managing the daily fear, escalating uncertainty and ideas that any part of my family might not be ok.
Yup, I had my first breakdown.
It wasn’t a big one, but one it was.
Cracking under prolonged and unusual levels of pressure is totally normal.
If you’re having this experience too, know it’s normal and there are always things we can do to get through it.

So what did I do?

I took a BREAK.
I breathed.
I let myself rest.
I texted my loved ones.
I let the tears of tension come out of my eyeballs.
I told my best friends I was having a harder day because I know them just knowing at all helps me feel seen, supported and safe.
I talked to Sarah, my roommate, teammate and immediate family in this crisis and we came up with a plan.
I put my phone DOWN for a while.
I ate some healthy food.
I did my puzzle.
I pet Matil.
I put on some comedy and laughed.
I opened up my computer to write you.

I did a whole lot of the little things I know that work for me when fear ramps up and the overwhelm tips into emotion.

What do you do to diffuse your own fear? To let steam out of your proverbial emotional pot?
Make a list and be ready.
It seems like we can absolutely anticipate the stress of this experience to continue rising until we reach the peak and more becomes known for us all.
More stuff that works for me that might help you: Meditation, exercise, a physical project, talking to a friend, checking something small off the work list, going for a walk, getting something organized, taking a nap, reading something positive and empowering, disconnecting from any and all negative energy flow, stepping out into the sun, breathing in the fresh air, etc.
Most importantly, I honor my feelings.
I embrace the fullness of the human experience we are all sharing.
I consciously feel what’s there as a key piece of moving through it most quickly.
I bring my mind back to what I CAN control, mentally and emotionally detaching from the outcome of everything else as much as I am able.
I imagine the day when we are through, when our loved ones are safe and when we are all so much stronger and have all learned so much.
I bring myself back to the peace only found in the present moment. 
This is what building and using our emotional skills looks like.
I invite you to join me.
These skills make a day like today for me, not a full day of challenge, but only a few hours. Often less.
We got this, my friends. We will get through this. We are getting through this together.
Love you so much.

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