I avoided forgiveness for a long time.

It was too painful to even consider. Too scary.
My brain blocked me on it.
I did other awesome work and healing that’s all been wildly worthwhile, I just very minimally included forgiveness of others in my efforts. I had gotten pretty skillful at forgiving myself, really embracing my own humanity, for the choices I’ve made, things I’ve experienced, which has been a huge piece of my healing. I’d touch on forgiveness of others here and there but never dove into that big style until relatively recently.

One of the coolest things about actively practicing this kind of forgiveness is the power and speed of its impact on our hearts and spirits.

How instantly it frees us when we connect back to love.
Yeah, it’s f*ckin cool, not gonna lie.
I share this for the same reason I share anything ever, in hope that if you’ve felt blocked or blind on the power of forgiveness being beautiful and safe and for your own highest healing, maybe this post and episode will have you open your mind and heart to it more now too.
Watch Lewis Howes‘s latest episode on his new FB show, Inspiring Life with Lewis Howes for some powerful stories and actionable tactics to lean into this work for yourself too.
Right on, my friends, doing the work.
Love love love you! With you all the way. 

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