Man, the feedback I get from my life coaching clients is like a spotlight on my life coaching path with a big blinking arrow and running lights, saying,


All caps.
See I believe in this work to my core, through my own personal growth, through the success of my clients, and in the underlying belief that we really can change the world one person and one conversation at a time.

The following is an email I received from a former client,

sharing what she’d written in her private journal about our relationship and our work together.  (She gave me the go-ahead to share her words here.)  I could describe our relationship to you, but I think that would dilute the power of her excerpt.  Read first, then we’ll talk more:
“It’s a weird kind of relationship. We never were ‘friends’ in the normal way. We were acquainted. We spent time together with friends on occasion, we knew each other’s public persona (I think that’s the term) but I don’t remember any real conversations before. And then she knew all my secrets, all the things I was not even comfortable saying to myself until then. And now that we don’t work together, we’re still not friends in the normal definition, but somehow we’re still so close. She still knows me so well, even though she doesn’t know about things that happened to me in about a year. She’s such a huge part of the person I am now. From time to time I think about it and am shocked again over the change in me. It’s such a deep and huge change, from my insecure self to my truly secure one, that happened so quickly, in a way, and so unexpectedly. I don’t even know if there was a process – before I was acting secure, and then I just was.”
Truthfully, I was initially speechless when I received this message.  That’s how moving it is to me. 
Not because it paints me as this person to be praised, but because it really grasps the true power of this work
It’s huge.

I have redirected my entire life… because of this work.

Because of how much I believe in it’s power to revolutionize relationships and lives and the world at large.  I could write all day long about how I think life coaching is awesome, how it’s incredible, how it really truly totally works for people bought in and willing to do the work, how I’ve seen tons of success in my clients, in myself, blah blah blah… and every last word of it would be true.  But there is something crazy powerful in the free, unedited flow of a client’s perspective.
Only in reading her reflection am I reminded of this.
I definitely plan to reflect some more on my experiences as a client with my god-send coaches, so as to tap into more of this raw insight.  So much has happened.  So much learned.  So much happiness, achievement, and peace.
Thank you, my friend, for sharing.
Thank you for letting me share you with the world.
All my love,
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