I just watched the movie Wild. It reminded me of the World Tour.

A long journey where at the onset you know you need what that journey will give you, even though you have no clue what that is exactly or how it’s going to deliver.
You just know it will.
You persevere through the challenge of the chosen pursuit.DCIM100GOPRO
You trust.
You break down.
You push through the pain.
You grieve.
You rest.IMG_0392
You heal.
You look inside.

You learn more about yourself than you ever knew was there.

You create a clearing inside yourself.
You take that clearing into your future.
You feel free to decide for yourself.
You break down again.
You rest.
You are kind to yourself.
You grieve.
You heal.IMG_0391
You feel empowered you did what you did.
You feel empowered you’re doing what you’re doing.
You feel sick of doing what you’re doing but you keep going.
You know you survived.
You know you’re alive.
You break down again.
I ended my time in Santorini high on life, feeling big confidence in my ability to work from anywhere, and ready for the next #WMFT adventure. Excited for Asia, and beginning to see the final plans of the World Tour coming to a close taking shape. Excited to go home too despite all the greatness out here in this big-ass-yet-totally-small world of ours.
The last time I flew over the Palm was under my parachute releasing Jonathan's ashes.

You cry big, real tears of sadness and happiness all mixed together.

You know you are never alone.
You know you are always loved.
You know you are deeply loved.
You rest.
You heal.
You let your tears fall when they need to.
You let your tears fall when you laugh so hard at the ridiculousness of life and the vast adventure of its unpredictability.

F*ck, that’s funny. IMG_0390

No, seriously, holy sh*t.
You recognize that unpredictability as access to aliveness.
You recognize you are human.
You recognize it’s way fun to be human with other humans.
You recognize your being human is deeply connecting.
The highest viewpoint in Europe. Un-f'ing-REAL. And of course I had to be a dork too. I mean, obviously.
You share your story with others.
You laugh together.
You cry together.
You cuddle.
You let those people share love in their understanding.
You rest.
You heal.
You grow.
May seem strange, but this is actually my favorite picture from the World Tour so far. This image perfectly showcases what I believed to be possible coming into this thing and dreaming of truly testing mobile entrepreneurship. This is actually an image of my dream as reality.

You breathe out whatever fears are left inside you.

You trust yourself.
You trust life.
You love life.
You love you.
From there, life reopens… you reopen… and the unknown of the future is no longer something to fear, but rather a symbol of possibility.
Prayer wheels.
I liked this statue. :)
You keep going.
You keep healing.
You keep discovering yourself.

You keep rediscovering yourself.

You decide each day how to fill the space you now have.
You do what YOU want to do.
You work every day to be clear on what that really is.IMG_0393IMG_0405
You recognize how lucky you are to have all you have.FullSizeRender-3
You recognize in retrospect what you truly value.
You align your life with THAT.
You align with people who value that.
With that… you feel peace.




And a whole lot of hilarity at how crazy and fun this ride really is.
Uh huh.
You can do it. IMG_0408