I’ve recently had a stretch where I just didn’t want to post online.

Wanted to be in my own little witness protection program if you will for a bit, enjoy some time away from everyone knowing everything, ya know?
Interesting that in the day and age of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram, and completely and totally transparent business/life, private lives and lines of privacy can get really blurred. I mean, my business is a great example of that… I promote my lifestyle and mobile entrepreneurship first and foremost for the sake of adding value to my following, ideally inciting inspiration for others in their own lives, and of course also to potentially generate future client partnerships if that’s their inspired next step. Totally great stuff.
So given that’s great stuff, I found it kind of weird to take time off from being online. Because I care so freakin’ much about my people and one of my strongest core values is authenticity, I questioned my choice to take that break. Almost like not posting about where I was, what I was doing, who I was with.. was somehow inauthentic. The LAST thing I’d ever want to be with ANY of YOU… is inauthentic.
As such, I was doubting myself. I was doubting whether it was ok to not share given that’s what I do… I was doubting whether it was ok to share stuff that was just message without the details of my experience to make it meaty. In sitting with that doubt though, I also recognized in myself this truly authentic need for down time.. this need for time to myself.. time to really be still.. be silent. You know… just live my life. Another thing I deeply stand for. As soon as I connected to that, every bit of my time away felt real. Authentic. Healthy.
Ultimately what I got to is that just because we’re constantly sharing and including the world in our lives through whatever online avenues we like best, doesn’t mean we can’t choose peaceful privacy whenever that’s right for us.
We can always come back, fresh, new, and just as authentically open as we always were and our absence was too.

Take time for you whenever you need it.

As a fan, follower, and friend myself, I give you my word I’ll always be cool with it. However long you need.
Just as it felt good to take a break, it feels great to be back.
Love you guys!!!!

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