I definitely feel like I’m freaking out less now…

Not like I’m entirely out of the emotional woods or anything, but yeah, Re: World Tour at least, I feel like I have a sense for what’s coming down the pike. I’ve been diligent in eating healthier stuff, sleeping, and taking the solo downtime when I need it. Check.
photo 4I felt pretty at home in Brussels by the time I left… walked by the St. Micheal cathedral every day, sat by it to eat and reflect a few times, and we became pals, ya know? Kind of like Stonehenge felt like my pal leaving England too. This place just gave me peace. Made me feel moved in the history, the life around me, and in myself amidst the bustle but staying still. I can’t tell you how much I love just being IN a new place… a new city… anywhere really.

I feel like anytime I have that room to breathe and just be… I can breathe and just be.

And that can be hard for any of us when we have responsibilities and goals and worries and desires, etc. As such, I always aim to note any times, places, activities, people, etc, that contribute to my feeling that sense of peace.  Because the truth is, peace is available to us literally in ANY moment. Even the most stressful or screwed up. Even if we can’t emotionally get it together, we can always decide to simply focus our mind on something else… something literal… something right there, right then. A beautiful cathedral… the wind on our face… the breath coming in and out of our lungs.
Lesson number 2 from the World Tour is another thing I absolutely already know and am re-learning over here as I continue to settle into this experience…


photo 1Even a quote on the front page of my website, “Be unyielding in your practice of presence and gratitude.” This is not a new concept or practice to me. And that’s totally normal too… we don’t use ALL our skills, ALL the time… it’s normal to learn something sometime, start using it, learn it to a point, maybe pop it back into the tool box, then next time you’re having whatever challenge, you reach back in there and see what to pull out. For me, in week 2 of the World Tour, presence was it.

Presence is a mental and emotional reset button we can press and practice anytime.

Anytime we practice presence, we stop our mind from going down whatever upsetting or stressful rabbit hole it’s trying to go down. Anytime we practice presence, we come back to ourselves. We come back to the literal simplicity and beauty of life in that moment.
Oh hell yes. The keys feel good on my fingers as I type this. Bam.. present. 🙂
Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below if you have some stories or suggestions to share.
Love it, love you all!

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