Ok, I know I owe you more than just this, but this is pretty big!! It’s not a whole lot different, but it’s just enough different to convey the gritty, hard core, cool, edgy, mysterious, yet simple nature of highcomms.

The new logo.

The full redesign is coming soon, just need to get with my badass developer chick and she’ll have us up and running in no-time. I know it’s no excuse, but I will say I’m suuuuuuuuper happy the redesign is done because as excuse-y as it feels to say it and think it, it makes me feel like now that it’s done, I can more focus on the writing. And of course really I can always focus on the writing, we simply choose to prioritize how we prioritize/procrastinate. It’s like completely cleaning the house top to bottom because you don’t want to do whatever else. Hahaa.. yeah, I admit that’s been a little bit me.. wanting a break.. choosing a break.. blasting facebook with little bits, and using my time up such that no big chunks to sit down and write became available.
All good.
I’ve had a fantastic last month with Chicks Rock, my parents visit, conscious down time, Monkey Business, and now I feel back in business. Yay, love it.. love the blog’s new outfit.. there’s just something about a fresh face that kicks us into gear. Can’t wait to show all of you.. and even though it’s going to be more behind the scenes work, I am making it my commitment to write while that work is being done.
Bam, F yeah. Thank you for your patience, and thank you truly for your support. I love every last one of you….. now let’s roll!!!
highcomms logo

New logo!! Just like communication it’s gritty and clean, simple and mysterious, hip and real. To me.. that’s highcomms.