Skydiving rules. Skydiving with people you love.. the best.

Awesome day, nothing really new to report. Staying the course….
Today: Eggs x 2, bread thin, Starbucks unsweetened green tea, Sugar Free Red Bull, pear x 3, almonds, beef jerky, orange Gatorade, a few peanuts, Cobb salad, half a lemon poppyseed Mimi’s muffin (moderation, my b*tcheees! I was proud of this one if you can’t tell.), green chicken curry (been on a curry kick. clearly).
And that was the day! LTD for sure. 🙂
LTD is real. Living the dream is real. For real. What’s yours? Let’s do it……….
Thanks so much for following and for all your feedback! I hope it’s been helping you as much as it’s helped and is helping me! Can you believe it’s been 3 weeks?? I can’t! 23 down, 7 to go!
PS. Because it’s awesome and because the food was same same, let’s look at some sweet skydiving pics! 😀

The Ladies of Monkey Business have arrived!! Carolyn and Emily totally rockin’ it. Duh.

Reversed exit positions, still rockin’ it. Weird.

Yeah!!!! Carolyn with a totally perfect foot dock. Emily got one too, I just didn’t have a good pic of her, but rest assured, the awesomeness was in full effect!

See?? Total sky awesomeness. Love my ladies. … Sometimes to stop monkey business, you need to create Monkey Business…. chew on that.

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