Not gonna lie to you guys, I am exhausted.

Training is hard. It’s awesome, but yeah, it pushes you to your limits. I guess that’s why we love it so much. I mean, when do we ever get to truly test ourselves? I guess the answer is whenever we choose to, and then follow through on that chosen path. Team training, accountability challenge, whatever. Anyone can quit when it gets tough, and it feels amazing when you know you did something truly hard core. Like the tried and true quote, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Heck yes. Go go go. I’m with you. Even though my eyes are crossing as I type this and my head will be on a pillow by 8pm latest. Sweet. So I guess it’s go go go then whack your head on a pillow so you can go go go some more doing whatever awesome thing you’re doing. Hahaa perfect. 🙂
Cool, all that exhaustion said, I promise you right here, right now, on Day 29, that I will write a comprehensive piece with all my final thoughts on our accountability challenge after it is fully through. Thank you a million percent for sticking with me this whole time. Even though it’s been a crazy full month, I am so happy I just jumped in and did it. Who knows when I would have otherwise. As such, I support you to do the same on whatever you think your schedule is too full for too.
29 down, ONE TO GO!
PS. Today’s food: Sugar Free Red Bull x 2 (today was a 2-Red Bull day with tunnel at 6:30am, 12 jumps, then more tunnel, all before 3pm.. yowsah!), Eggs and a thin, pear, turkey and cheese on a sandwich thin, almonds, black olives, bite of Nick’s post-tunnel sammy, two more eggs after training with two pieces of bread with butter (I admit, I went for it today.. I think it’s because I’ve felt very good this whole month at my healthy choices, and after the intensity of today thought a little buttered toast wouldn’t hurt me), and beef-n-broccoli chinese food, no rice. Water water water. Ahhhh.. last day tomorrow.. we got this!!!!!!!! 🙂
PPS. Because it’s awesome, and because I didn’t take any pics of my food today… a sweet old pic from my visit home to see my family this summer. My brother with the GoPro and my niece, nephew, and me with synchronized jumps over his head and into the water. Oh yes.

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