If I’ve learned anything over the last 4 days, it’s that training is full the F on.

Every moment full of skydiving, tunnel flying, or team bonding. No time to text, tweet, and certainly no time to write a blog post telling you all what I ate during all that insanity. As such, I’ve found my posts the last few days to be a superficial account at best, with less meat on the insight side of things. Hey, it’s all good.. I’m doing what I said I would do, and doing it despite the situational circumstances I would normally let box out this type of blogging.
See, in addition to this specific food challenge, I do want to write more and with more consistency. And that’s happening with this series, which is great! What I’m noticing though, is that with most things, when I’m overextended, the quality of my work goes down. Like I’m just doing it to do it, and although I’m fulfilling the consciousness portion of my food goals, I lost a little bit of the consciousness I want in my writing too. All the words I’ve written have been completely authentic, I just like to get in there a little more, ya know? Dig a little deeper into my experiences, and stay connected to why it all means so much to me. Sure, I could hammer out fluffy posts for 30 days and get a perfect score on this accountability test with you all.. but that’s not really what I’m after. I’m after what it’s going to uncover for me. What I’m really going to learn in this process so I can take it forward and change my life.

What are you after?

Ahhhh, cool, so today the weather gods rolled in again and on our 5th jump we had to exit at 6000 feet, rock a couple pages, and deploy in the rain. Sweet. Gotta love it. As such, we finished early and I get to type to you now with this energy to be thoughtful. I’m glad. Not only for the mental energy to write something meaty, but also because I’m on a plane again tomorrow morning at 6am heading to a one-day life-coaching event I’m super excited about. 🙂
But for now.. today’s choices:
1. Cereal and milk: No tunnel in the AM, but still needed to eat at home before the training day. Anyone know if the Kashi GoLean cereals are actually good for you or not? Actually, I’ll google it quick………… Uh oh, read this: Kashi GMO Scandal. Might just re-ditch all breakfast cereals in a bowl and stick with eggs or yogurt or whole oats. Hmm.
2. Sugar Free Red Bull: Grabbed one racing to the car, only drank about a third of it though. Last day of training, and what do we do? Walk out of the house without our cooler full of delicious food to keep us going. I guess the weather rolling in was a blessing for this reason too.
3. Cashews and Goldfish crackers: Luckily our camera guy, Jim, had nuts and goodies in his team room for us all to share. I also nursed the rest of my Red Bull. Totally worked.
4. Powerade Zero: Also had a wayward Powerade dancing around the back of the Sube, so I drank that with the cashews and crackers.
5. Sushi: We all agreed that sushi sounded awesome today, and here’s the photographic evidence of the healthy deliciousness:

Seaweed salad.

Steamed dumplings. I had 3.

Philly roll with cucumber instead of rice. Fresh and delish.

Spicy crab, spicy tuna.. ate 5 pieces out of 8.

One piece of caterpillar roll, kind of dessert.

Fortune cookie! I don’t even remember my fortune, clearly it was awesome.

6. Pear: Snack after sushi.
7. Havarti-n-jalepenos on a bread thin and Crystal Light lemonade: Healthier version of a family favorite. We usually put a lot more cheese on a lot more chips! Same delicious jalepenos. Crisped up in the toaster oven.
8. Homemade popcorn: Sally taught us how to pop popcorn in a regular pot. Canola oil on the bottom and a little salt. YUM.
How’d you do today? Thanks for sticking with me!
PS. And because it’s awesome…. AZPlosion rockin’ a meeker exit today:

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