Let’s just say that tunnel at 6:30am, followed by 10 jumps almost entirely back-to-back…

… followed by 3 hours of excruciating down time, followed by more tunnel 4-way…. yeah, it makes for a wicked day. Of course the down time was the toughest part! Crazy how that is… go go going is perfectly cool, but the minute you slow down it really hits you how wiped you really are.
ANYway, great day making solid progress with AZ Plosion, and as I tweeted this morning, I committed to making good choices all day long instead of letting my usual, “I worked hard in training,” excuse push me down the typical slippery slope of french fries and pasta. I nearly lost it after jumping and before Olive Garden, but stayed the course and feel awesome about the day. 🙂
1. Nectarine: 5:30am pre-tunnel fuel.
2. TRAINING DAY: Walnuts, almonds, beef jerky, and pears: Picked on these throughout the day. The jerky was key, don’t think I would have survived on just the nuts and fruit. Definitely was craving “real” food after the jumps, but stuck with the jerky before the tunnel knowing that a solid dinner was coming soon.
3. Half an energy Gu packet: I was clearly low on energy before our afternoon tunnel sesh so Nick suggested I try this. Honestly, it tasted awesome! Chocolatey goodness. Just what I needed, perked me right up. The perk-up didn’t last, but it definitely helped short-term.
4. Olive Garden soup & salad: Yes, you read correctly, I skipped the breadsticks! Woohoo! This is pretty frickin’ unprecedented.. resistance to deliciously salted unlimited breadsticks at the ‘ol Olive Garden. Normally I have 3+. And at last week’s last supper I had 4 with alfredo dipping sauce. Yeah. I’m happy. Instead, I had a big bunch of the salad and two bowls of soup, one chicken gnocchi and one zuppa toscana. Perfect refuel for my body and our training tomorrow.
Speaking of which, time to sleep! Maybe a little rest for the wicked hehehe… 6 down, 24 to go!!!
PS. Iced tea with dinner and lots of water throughout the day too, but I’m certain not enough given the intensity of our training. Way better than I’ve done though, and not a single drop of caffeine today! I admit this was not my plan, but rather I simply forgot my Red Bull at home. Think this contributed to my yowsah headache during our afternoon tunnel sesh, but I survived by Advil, willpower, and fun. I know Red Bulls are bad for me but I just like them so muuuuuuuch…

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