Yo team, since my team is here and tomorrow is another suuuuuuuper early morning (depart 5:45am, yowsah), I’m going to keep this one short.

All I’ll tell you is that doing a team is awesome.

Sure, you spend a million dollars that you may or may not have, but you are a part of something truly great. You’re working toward a goal, you’re having FUN, and you make some of the funniest and most meaningful memories of your life. With the best people… well, it’s well worth the million dollars, all those days, and all these early mornings. I’m grateful. 🙂

Kind Fruit & Nut Bar. Almond and Coconut, my favorite.

Today’s food: Eggs and a thin, Kind fruit and nut bar x 2, apple x 3, peanut butter, beef jerky, Greek yogurt cup, salad with dressing, and a French Dip with the roll (I let myself get convinced to eat the roll when my first impulse was to just eat the delicious meat, d’oh! It’s cool, 90% good, 10% whatever. On it.) Oh and my AM Sugar Free Red Bull, and water water water. Lots of it today, yay.
28 down, 2 to go! Two to go?? Can’t even believe it. Thanks for sticking with me, team!

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