Another work day at home…

Very different when you’re home and have essentially unlimited in-house eats available to you, vs. a day at the drop zone or the beach or wherever and you have specific things you bring to keep yourself fueled. Very different still from travel days where you have 90% crap options and have to work to find the 10% good stuff to choose on the road. The three main versions of days I have most in my life. What are your most prolific “days?” How do you navigate through each one to keep yourself on a healthy path? Good questions…
So anyway, today, being in the house, working hard, earning my appetite from intellectual engagement, I found myself a little unsatisfied, but instead of eating poop when I was hitting the afternoon wall, I consciously thought, “No, I’m going to have the apple and peanut butter because I know once it hits my system, the urge for junk will fade and I will no longer feel this angst.” And so it happened. Thank goodness I’m allowed some quantity during this challenge because my system most definitely get’s hungry sometimes. Now, I’m filling it up with lots of better stuff instead of lots of crap. And it’s working.
All-in-all a great day. Tomorrow starts another 4-day skydiving training camp that will take me through the end of our 30-day challenge. Going out with a bang, I say! hahaa Thank you again for sticking with me. 26 down, 4 to go!
PS. Today’s food! SFRB (addiction), eggs and a thin, Greek yogurt cup, apple and peanut butter, corn on the cob x 2, water water water, almonds, standard fruit smoothie, sugar-full Red Bull (this was a true F-it moment for me while I was writing a speech and wanted a big kick to finish it, bad girl), cup of Crystal Light lemonade, cheese and crackers x 5, salad with oil and vinegar dressing. Nuff said!
PPS. Because it’s awesome… the view my Mom sent me from where they’re docked at Wellesley Island. Could be the US, could be Canada, either way, it’s beautiful. 🙂

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