Whew, travel is definitely harder than having a supermarket at your disposal.

Today was Des Moines – Minneapolis, Minneapolis – Phoenix, hang around Phoenix for 4 hours, pick up teammates, home. Yowsah. Good thing I was still working on the bag of walnuts in my backpack and got a first-class upgrade on the second leg and therefore secured access to the coveted dried cranberries packets.
Ok, here goes:
1. Two eggs, english muffin no butter: Yum yum yum yum yum, I love eggs. Could eat them every meal. Not a raw choice, but still good. I’m way cool with eggs.
2. Red Bull: Only did a small one but had to write my column so had to ensure my eyelids up for all that typing and insighting. It worked. Column done, just emailed it to lovely Lara at illustrious Blue Skies Magazine.
3. Vegetable sushi roll with imitation crab: Same place passing through Minneapolis airport. I would have gotten the one without the crab, but they didn’t have it. Lame sauce. And that’s the only sauce there was this time, eating it straight-up was tastiest.
4. Walnuts, dried cranberries, unsweetened iced tea: First class is the best, can’t lie. I mean, it’s got the cranberry packets.
5. Egg salad sandwich on rye bread, homemade Italian Wedding soup, unsweetened iced tea: This is the part of my day where I noticed myself falter just slightly. Nick’s family friend, Luann, owns and operates this AWEsome restaurant called Romancing the Bean in Tempe, AZ. Since we had time to kill this afternoon we went there for a late lunch and catch-up. In my mind at the beginning of the meal, I planned to eat only half the soup and leave the top slice of bread on the plate. As we were chatting, I totally went back into more unconscious mode and let myself dip the extra bread into the soup. Since I was only tearing off small bits of the bread each time it didn’t feel like I was actually eating much of it. But damn, tear off enough little pieces and dip ’em enough times and pretty soon your plate’s empty. And that’s what happened this afternoon. Oh, and it just so happened that they had run out of lettuce so the salad I planned on ordering was unfortunately unavailable. Links in the chain that led that whole lunch into my belly. Going to make note of that in restaurants from now on, make sure I stick with my plan from the beginning of the meal, all the way through to the clean table. Sweet.
6. Naked coconut water, a few big guzzles: Hydrating for training tomorrow and staving off hunger til morning.
Solid day in the challenging travel/eating-out environment. Did good, learned a bit, and feel more prepared for next time too. All good things. Next up four days of intense 4-way training, running, sweating, eating on the fly almost literally. I bought more nuts, fruit, and jerky, we’ll see if it’s enough…
Boom, 5 down, 25 to go!
PS. And because it’s awesome:

Find a playground and go swing with someone you love.

Bucket list, baby. 🙂

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