Vegas, baby. What is it they say.. what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?

Well, since I’m committed to you guys this entire month, what I ate and drank in Vegas this trip is gonna be fully exposed.
Ok, I’m not going to pussyfoot around, this was a vacation, and I was in vacation mode. That said, I toooootally made healthy choices almost the entire time! A couple drunken mistakes (haha), but overall, I’m happy. I mean, I was in VEGAS, people. (hehe)
Day 17 *Sugar Free Red Bull (Early AM client call wake up call) *Dill pickles *Thin with peanut butter (Ran out of eggs) *Almonds *Mini cliff bar *Jimmy John’s tuna sandwich (One slice bread) *Strawberry margarita PHX airport (Vegas begins) *Fruit n Nut bar (Yum, these are TASTY)  *Carrots celery cheese (Delta Sky Club.. love the healthy snacks in the Sky Club!!) *Vodka cranberry x 2 (Free first class drinks. Vegas, baby.) *Quizno’s chicken pesto pita (2/3’s.. gave the rest to Nick) *Sugar Free Red Bull Vodka (Drink of choice this trip) *More booze (Who am I kidding, much more)
Day 18 *McDonald’s Sausage Biscuit with Egg (5:30am, first of two drunken “bad” choices)  *Fruit x 2, eggs x 4, hardboiled egg whites x 2, bacon x 8! (The deeeelicious casino buffet! Biggest deal about this is that I definitely aimed to NOT eat classic carbs… this breakfast started me on my Vegas quest of eating fruits, vegetables, and protein even in the face of stacks of danishes and being on vacation. Feel great about this, was satisfied, and had lots of energy.) *Poolside colada cocktail *Pizza and a Bud Light (One slice! Normally, when “on vacation” and when drinking, I would eat WAY more. This accountability project.. the consciousness I’m getting from it.. and what I’m learning is still satisfying in moderation.. yeah, it’s huge.) *Sushi x 1 roll and Sake (Healthy option for sure, and in a super cool place. Win-win.) *SFRBV’s (Drink of choice x multiple) *Panda Express Beef & Broccoli, Orange Chicken, and Chow Mein (Second of two “bad” choices… and this one made me feel TERRIBLE after! Definitely re-inspired me into moderation and low-carb.)
Day 19 *Fruit x 2, eggs x 4, bacon x 8 (Same buffet breakfast almost exactly…) *Chicken soup, Caprese salad with Pesto (.. except I had this too.) *Mimosa (Morning cocktail)  *Cucumber Martini & Mango Martini (Top of the Stratosphere at happy hour.. I mean, martini’s are almost required.) *Chicken wings x 2, Portobello mushroom & mozzarella *Diet Cokes (Had some of these the other two days too actually) *Cheese slice of pizza (Carb choice, but actually didn’t freak my stomach out.. moderation seems to be key with stuff like pizza.) *Vodka Tonic x 1 *Subway meatball sub x 1/2 (Late-night sustenance after gambling away what we planned on losing trying to win big! hahaa)
Day 20  *Starbucks spinach egg-white wrap and Green tea (unsweetened as always) *Veggie wrap with hummus (At the airport.. definitely back on healthy-choice lane headed home) *Sky Club celery carrots and cheese *Dried Cranberries, almonds *Green Thai Curry with chicken (Didn’t eat the brown rice and was still totally satisfied!)
Day 21 *Sugar Free Red Bull (hahaa almost wrote “vodka” after that.. funny.. back home today, back to normal-ish) *Thin with peanut butter (still out of eggs)  *Fruit n Nut bar *Almonds *Green Thai Curry with chicken (Bought two so I could have lunch today. Sweet.) *Blueberry, Strawberry, and Vanilla protein smoothie (I’m telling you, this is like ice cream!) *Pizza (Nick got this for dinner, so I had some too. Not healthy, but moderation keeps saving me from myself! :))
Whew, a doozie of a vacay, but yay vacay without going totally nuts. Enjoyed the trip and took part in all the play without going super overboard on consumption. Consciousness, moderation, and as low-carb as I can be with the breads, pastas, etc. It even worked on vacation. Think of this, boozing it up the whole time, and the one time I over-ate carbs and crap was also the only time I felt like crap. Duly noted! 21 down, 9 to go!!!!
PS. Because it’s awesome and hilarious… Monkey Band yearning:

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