You want to make something happen? You can.

How? Work hard. Stay the course. Keep going. … Without going into gratuitous detail right now as I’ll be jumping out of airplanes in less than 11 hours and sleep is essential for safety and speed, suffice it to say for now that recently I’ve found myself faced with the option of choosing victimhood or choosing awesomeness. And by awesomeness, I mean actively choosing out of victimhood by instead choosing to work hard, stay committed to my deepest values, and trust what has always fueled my life into dream status. Love, awesomeness, and hilarity. I mean it’s part of the blog masthead for God’s sake. I most definitely choose those. 🙂

Seaweed sheet.
Who knew.

Sweet. Skydiving training.. we’ll do the food quick-like today: Eggs and a thin, SF Red Bull, Sausage breakfast sandwich from the Bent Prop (only at one slice of the bread), apple, apple and peanut butter, a bite of Sally’s new fandangly protein bar, seaweed snack sheets x 2, green olive spread on rice crackers x 5, Chromy sausage, couple bites of Nick’s cheesy potatoes (I wouldn’t have had any, but my man made them and I wanted to try them because of his awesome effort), traditional South African tomato-and-onion side concoction for the sausage, water water water, half of a Michelob Ultra beer, and half of another Red Bull to pep me up for my evening Sample Session.
Boom. Booyah. Working off some of today’s eats with tomorrow’s jumps. I like it. 27 down, 3 to go!! (Can you believe it??) Almost there……
PS. Because it’s awesome… AZPlosioneers debriefing on the awesomest couch in existence in front of a the equally awesomest big-screen TV. It’s fun seeing yourself skydive that big, not gonna lie. Highly recommended. hehe

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