This day totally goes to 11 for all you Spinal Tap fans out there.

Spent the entire day in a room with incredible people and minds, in what’s called a visioning lab. Completely amazing and transformative work, and something I will write about more tomorrow given I leave for the airport 3-ish hours from now and probably should sleep.
Today, I didn’t actually eat very much. I was so hopped up on all the energy from the experience of collaborating creatively with such inspirational and engaging individuals, it totally sustained me. Man, I have missed that being on my own in my work. (Not talking about my utterly fantastic clients, they’re my work joy for sure, I’m talking the operational side of things.) I am ignited from today to even more actively seek and develop opportunities for myself for the expansion of my business, brand, message, and mission. It’s on, my people, and you’re with me. I love it. More on this in the light of day…
With that, today’s post, again in pictures and captions…

1. I thought I was going to have this juice for breakfast, but I actually just drank the coffee and it’s sister refill. And holy crap the caffeine. And I thought Red Bull was bad.

2. I actually ate this bar for breakfast which was at my seat at the lab. Genius, I tell you. Right in my belly.

3. Holy incredible vegan lunch… egg and eggplant platter, also with freshly made hummus and oh my God. Amazing.

4. One Ultra with my pals after this doozie of a day. Doozie in the best possible way. Moderation seems to be a new theme emerging in this whole consumption experiment as well… the idea that I’m not depriving myself, and I’m also not having nearly as much as my unconscious food frenzy would normally have me have. I love that. I’ve never been a moderation type of person, but experiencing it now with food, I’m actually kind of liking it.. for the most part through this whole thing, I’ve stayed satisfied. Sure, I want the fries, but I had the burger and as such end up satisfied still with the side salad.

5. See? Delicious burger and side salad. Totally satisfying as I ate it over great conversation with core old pals. We have more back-in-the-day stories than you could count, just sayin. PS. I didn’t eat the top bun, or the bread on the salad. And I dipped the lettuce in the dressing, not much at all. Still delish.

So much more to say about this day, but like my heartier meals, I’m going to let it digest and get back to you with what percolates. Mixed metaphor, totally late-nite. Love it. 11 down, 19 to go!
PS. And because it’s awesome:

Me, first time in Harvard Yard.

Day with amazing minds, dinner with friends that go the distance. What a day. Definitely want more of this in my life. Done.

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