Double digits, baby!

Made it to 10 days keeping track. Also started reading Enter The Zone today on my flights to Boston, and really like it so far. I’m not too far into it, so I’ll give you a run-down of what I’m learning when I’ve read more. The super-basic gist I’ve got so far is that too many bad carbs is like revving up a fat-making machine in your body and then locking all the doors so none of it can get out. Eg. we get fat or fatter. Way not awesome. The “zone” on the other hand, I like the sound of… and love the idea of being able to actively create it for myself, instead of all this nutritional guess work all the time. A hot bod, lots of energy, and sharp mental acuity? Yeah, I’ll have that.
For today, I’m gonna do an account, all in pictures with totally sweet captions. Hope your day was awesome too!

1. Delicious iced travel tea.

2. First class breakfast, and also lunch given the time change from Phoenix to Boston, so I ate almost all of this, except the butter and some of the potatoes. Have I mentioned that I love eggs? Just checking.

3. Again the coveted first-class cranberry packets. I also had a packet of peanuts. And it appears that I’m either watching a horror movie, or porn. Nobody knows for sure.

4. Upon arriving in Boston airport, I stopped into the Delta Sky Club for some free healthy snacks, instead of spending money on something unhealthy. Sweet bonus of the Sky Club. Very happy it has healthy options.

5. Yay!! Quality time and delicious cheese samples with Lena! Lena is my freshman-year (and sophomore-year) roommate from Middlebury. So awesome. Love her. So happy to get some time together ahhhhh… it’s just GOOD to spend time with your people, ya know? 🙂

6. Pesto is one of the only things I learned to make when I never cooked anything. Because I love it so much. Had to try this delicious mini-sample. I’m cool with it.

7. A little vino visiting good friends. As a complete lightweight, I can attest to not getting a buzz tonight so that means I didn’t drink very much at all, but still got to enjoy the deliciousness and camaraderie. Perfect.

8. The lovely meal Lena made for us. Whole wheat linguine with homemade meat sauce, and spinach salad. Would normally opt out of pasta, but since Lena had this meal in mind, I was more than happy to partake, knowing that I can choose differently going forward. My friend once gave me the tip of aiming to eat 90% good, and doing whatever for the other 10%. So you don’t feel so restricted you ultimately revolt and fail. I like that. This meal goes in my 10%.

9. Decaf after-dinner coffee with a tiny bit of cream and sugar. I also had one dark-chocolate-covered almond. Totally conscious choice that without accountability would never have had just one. I’d bet without accountability I’d have had 5-7 minimum. Tapering portions and choosing good stuff over crap… yeah, that’s working for sure. 🙂

Also enjoyed a brisk walk around Cambridge and through the Boston public transportation system. I dig this day. How was yours? 10 down, 20 to go!
PS. And because it’s awesome and hilarious.. this is the sweatshirt that Lena ALWAYS used to wear when we were in college. Hahaha.. I love that I got to borrow it tonight. 🙂

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