Ok, I admit it, I watched a Zac Efron chick flick on the first leg of my travel home today…

… instead of reading Enter The Zone. Not because I don’t want to read it, not because it’s not inspiring to me in my healthy-habit endeavors, but simply because I wanted to indulge in my uber over-tiredness with wistful romantic reverie. 1.5 hours sleep? Yeah, not enough.
Had an apple at 4:30am, and a small bowl of oatmeal at the airport.
I persevered on Diet Cokes at the Sky Club as I worked on my layover processing my inspiration and exhaustion from yesterday, waiting patiently for the lunch I knew I was getting on my next flight. Might as well save a few pennies and eat the healthy option they give me free. Believe it or not, for the most part, first-class meals you get on Delta flights are pretty good. If you don’t eat the muffin top.
Fast forward to the next flight… So I didn’t eat the muffin top adding to my muffin top, buuuuut.. they ran out of salads before they got to my row. WTF. As such, my options were eat the hamburger or nothing. Which actually wasn’t bad (did not eat the bun). I thought I got a little side salad, but upon further review realized it was in fact potato salad. The dreaded bad carbohydrate. Mildly bummed to admit that this meal did not feel the healthiest due to said potatoes, and I did eat everything except the bun and the brownie.
Now, what’s cool about this whole ate-the-entire-potato-salad incident, is that I did NOT let it ruin the rest of my day! I stayed the healthy-decision-making course and finished the day strong. Feel solid. Read more of Enter The Zone, learned more, and as such earned more inspiration to keep rockin’ it. When I got home, I had a straight-up lettuce salad (with oil and vinegar dressing), Naked Juice coconut water, and fresh beef jerky mailed in from a good friend who’s lost 10 pounds rockin’ Paleo. Since 10 pounds is my initial goal, I’m down. And it was delicious! To finish off my dinner, I made my healthy version of jalepeno thins, and was entirely satisfied.
Oh and water water water. I’m doing a little better at the water day by day. Next thing to up the ante on… sleep. 12 down, 18 to go! Zzz……..
PS. And because it’s hilarious and awesome in every way:

Film Festival. This Saturday. Skydive Arizona. See you, and this guy, there.

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