Seriously guys.. serious 4-way training is hard core.

Not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. In the tunnel before the sun comes up, 10 jumps, go go go, then back in the tunnel in the evening. Yeah, damn. Entirely pushes your body and mind on many levels.
Same kind of day eating for me, sticking to the training food plan for the most part:
1. Kashi GoLean cereal with milk: Pre-AM-tunnel.. since it worked, same as yesterday.
2. Sugar Free Red Bull: Days 3 and 4 of training camps are rugged, your body is roughed up something fierce and to keep the brain in it, I admit it, I tap the very non-natural chemically enhanced energy drinks.
3. Scrambled eggs and a pear: Same as yesterday. That little bit of hot food made such a difference, I wanted it again.
4. Pear, 2 mini Cliff Bars, one small handful of almonds, and Sugar Free Red Bull: This is actually very little food to eat during the training, but this is all it felt like my body needed. That said, I did score a second Red Bull today to push me over the mental cliff this afternoon. Any suggestions out there for natural stimulants?
5. Egg scramble with cheese, jalepeno, and milk: Post-jump-training. Instead of having the pizza that my other teammates had, I whipped this up for myself quick-like and it was totally delish. Egg-heavy day today.
6. Stale movie popcorn: I saved the half a bag that I didn’t eat from yesterday so I could have a mini-treat today, and that’s exactly what I did. Although I didn’t eat all that was left, I only ate like 3 cups of it (already popped of course), and then closed the bag up again. I feel good about this one. Little treat, and totally stopped without going crazy. Maybe I’m getting the hang of this moderation thing???
7. Chic-Fil-A chicken sandwich, extra pickles: Post tunnel, this is what the team wanted to eat and I needed food as well and I thought a chicken sandwich wasn’t too bad, and I liked the idea of participating with my team. I opted out of the fries and think on the whole, this day is a win.
And that’s what we wrote on our team board too..

“It’s time to win.”¬†Booyah touchdown we make miracles happen.

8 down, 22 to go! (Lovin’ this countdown if you can’t tell hehe)

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