Whoa, what a day.

Let’s just say it started at a hotel continental breakfast, flowed through a family in mourning followed by family fun, and ended with an apple on the side of the freeway. Nothing shy of a full adventure on the Iowan plains.
Food for the day:
1. 6 hard-boiled egg whites, two yolks, one small yogurt, coffee (apples for later): Holiday Inn Express. You can eat well at a hotel continental breakfast, you just have to look for the healthy stuff.
2. Mini-turkey sandwich, cheese slices, cheery tomatoes: Food and fellowship after the funeral service.
3. Apple, walnuts, and one sip of Coors Light: Snack bouncing around between family events, and a little taste of the Rockies holding a beer for the Boyfriend.
4. Corned beef ruben and salad: But, I did not eat the mountain of cheese, nor most of the bread. Instead ate the delicious meat and sauerkraut that was not infected by the not-so-delicious  thousand-island sauce. No bueno. Corned beef, muy bueno.

This is DEEP FRIED BACON. This stuff actually exists. I did not eat it.

5. Walnuts: Road trip home.
6. Apple: Side of freeway amidst radiator fluid and adventure.
Think I’ll call it for this day! Keep it rolling, team! 4 down, 26 to go.
PS. And diet cokes and water! Nalgene!

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