Ok, it’s here. The list of the most baller presents possible. Good luck.

1. Life coaching – Sample Session Week – Gift certificate emailed to print
2. BookHow to Fly: Life Lessons from a Professional Skydiver – Autographed color copy, simple black and white or digital PDF
3. BookWith Our Whole Broken Hearts – Support for someone moving through this kind of challenge right now
4. Book – One Positive Thought Can Change Everything – Hard copy or digital copy
5. Online ClassHow to Get Back on Track After Drifting – $20
6. Online Class Make Your Bucket List – Only $11, my fave number hehe
7. Online Class –  Goal-Setting – AIM SMART process, also only $11
8. MembershipThe VSCOnline skydiving coaching group led by Mel
9. Membership – Trust the Journey Family – Donate on Patreon in ANY amount ($1/month, whatever) to join the private FB group where we support each other, share knowledge and expand the conversation beyond the podcast
10. Swag – The VSC t-shirt – Premium fabric
11. Swag – Trust the Journey t-shirt – Premium fabric
11+. SwagTrust the Journey HOODIE – Comes in a bunch of colors!

Bam. A list that literally and metaphorically goes to 11+.
Hope you are enjoying this Jersey snowy Cyber Monday.
Any questions, fire away!