Friendship has been a theme lately.

Two different episodes of Trust the Journey (Jay Mo‘s and my podcast), here and here, dropped this month. I went for a walk this morning with two of my local friends, and we brought up this article talking about the power and influence of friendship.
I totally couldn’t remember the quote in it haha so wanted to post it for them, and for you.
Love you, my friends!

Blue Skies Magazine, September 2018
Life Coaching Column #96
Issue #105
“Jump Off a Bridge”
By Melanie Curtis
This morning on the elliptical, I started listening to Amy Poehler’s bookYes Please. I laughed out loud probably 11 times in the duration of that one hour on said elliptical. Yeah, I was totally that girl. Hey, if someone had asked me what I was laughing at, I would have told them. I also think it’s a friggin’ gift to hear another person genuinely laugh period, whether you know what it’s about or not. Yeah, I’m that girl too. I’m happy to risk a few Jersey jerks thinking I’m that a**hole enjoying life even while exercising.
ANYWAY, I digress.
I pulled a bunch of quotes from it while I listened, and missed a million other awesome ones too, but this one I took the time to bust out a pen and paper, rewind and play back the part like 5 times to get this quote exactly and in its entirety:
“Hosting the Golden Globes in 2013 with my life partner, Tina (Fey) was… so fun. Sometimes Tina feels like a talented bungee jumping expert. All it takes is for Tina to softly say, ‘We can do this, right?’ And suddenly I feel like I can jump off a bridge.”
I am also a massive Tina Fey fan, so I am well aware of the long-standing and real friendship between Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. These two stunning women, epic comedic geniuses, stand firmly on their own as individual professionals and performers. And when they come together……. f*cking MAGIC.
What I love so much about this quote is that it points to the massive power of our friendships to serve as our foundation for courage.
We can be brave by ourselves, but it’s so much easier to be brave knowing our friends have our backs. And so much more fun when they’re actually with us on whatever effort.
It’s like Shannon and Carolyn reading my columns for 10 years anytime I needed a second set of eyes before submission. See: every single month for the first 6 years. They weren’t there in the creating, but it helped me SO MUCH knowing they were there if I fell on my literary metaphorical face.
Or like Cara being willing to look REALLY stupid in all thefunny movies we’ve made, and all the funny movies we will make. See: picking her pajama-covered a** after a fake work video call in Working From Home, or being the one to buy hemorrhoid cream in Making New Girlfriends in Your 30’s, or picking her nose DEEP while I fake sleptin Road Trip, or sitting on the toilet reading Parachutistwhile I wait patiently in full gear in the upcoming sequel, What We Do: Getting Current. The list goes on. Oh sweet Jesus the hilarity. I definitely have a not so secret dream that we will ultimately be best friends with Amy and Tina.
I mean, duh. Cara and me, I mean. Not Jesus. Jesus would be cool too though.
Amy believes laughter adds years to our lives, and I am 100% with her on that one. The amount of laughs I have shared with my best friends alone has me legitimately living into the high triple digits. Add in all the laughs around complete strangers at the gym in Jersey, and who knows. It might also help that I’m on the elliptical, elevating my heart rate, caring about my physical health and fitness, but whatever.
I don’t BASE jump, but my friends most definitely inspire me to jump off a bridge in the same way Tina inspires Amy. They do because they’re there. They do because they have earned my trust over time through the consistency in their action, effort and love. They do because DAMN they’re fun and funny too.
One of my favorite quotes of all time is by Emerson,
“The only way to have a friend, is to be one.”
This is always one of my most priority goals in life. Being the friend I feel so lucky and grateful to have myself.
We can do this, right? F*ck yeah, we can. Tizzle 2.0, out.