I reached out to the full crew on FB and asked this question…
“If I were to lead an online class about anything, what what do you want me to teach you?”
The winner?

Consistency… getting back on track after drifting.

This class was recorded live, May 23rd, 2019…
Over 2 hours of hearty dialogue working through this reflective process.
Watch the recording as many times as you like working through the coaching now and at any point you might need help again in the future.
I have priced this class extremely low so that anyone who wants to join can make it work.
One less Starbucks a week for a month and it’s paid for.

Buy Now:

*You MUST check your spam folder for the email address you use for purchase to find the Response Required confirmation email, click the button in that email and then all the information you need for the class will be sent to you.

Any questions, say the word, otherwise, see you in there and be ready to dive in head first.

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