The VSC: The virtual Skydiving Center

Member Testimonial

“Mel has exceeded all expectations for coaching within this group. I joined while in AFF, and it has been great to have so many resources (including other members) to learn from.”

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  • Coaching
  • Conversation
  • Campfire
  • Comedy
  • Totally Cool, hahaa… duh
  • And… Long-term Commitment to a Bigger Collectve To Our Sport


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(This will auto-renew every month, cancel anytime!)

per month

(This will auto-renew every month, cancel anytime!)

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(This will auto-renew every month, cancel anytime!)

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(This will auto-renew every month, cancel anytime!)

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(This will auto-renew every month, cancel anytime!)


  • One optional video meet-up every week via Zoom software. Mel will set call time each week.
  • 30 minutes live video call. Join anytime in the half-hour. Come for some, all, or none.
  • Different skydiving topics discussed each week, or question answered from the community.
  • Recorded sessions to get all the info whenever you want to watch or listen.
  • Member of the Private FB group for digital conversation through the week.
  • Make connections and build relationships with other skydivers.
  • Learn. A lot.
  • Laugh. A lot.
  • Led by Melanie Curtis.
  • Other awesome pros peppered in.
  • Ask questions. Anything I can answer, I will. Anything I can’t, I will ask my network for you.
  • Get coaching. Video will let me demonstrate technique when we cover that type of thing.
  • Video debriefs of any discipline.
  • Have fun. That is how we roll. Even when we learn. This is skydiving.
  • Get your skydiving fix midweek.
  • Learn about the skydiving world beyond what we can get from busy jumping weekends.
  • The skydiving version of life coaching with Mel when that’s what you need.
  • Be a part of and contribute to a MASSIVE DIGITAL CATALOG OF EDUCATION FOR OUR SPORT. One that will be around for EVERYONE who comes after us, in both the live coaching calls and inspiring the videos I make to share on a bigger scale with the entire community. See below some examples.
  • More as we grow and evolve together!
  • Most DEFINITELY get a big hug from me if/when we ever meet up on the DZ in person!


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  • Chosen level of monthly contribution because literal buy-in is essential to optimal participation, and since that’s what’s best for the group, that’s how we roll! CANCEL ANYTIME.
  • Mel can deny or revoke membership to anyone at anytime for any reason.
  • Payment will recur monthly.
  • You can leave the group at anytime. Just email Mel directly
  • No refunds on payments already made.
  • Zoom video conferencing software will be used for live meetings, free, download it HERE.
  • Password-protected video share of recorded sessions. Honor system.
  • Given this is a new cool experiment in how to create the highest value for everyone, Mel reserves the right to alter the format over time to best serve the group. Fuck yeah. Highest value always.
  • If ever the meet-up falls on a major holiday, we will skip that week.
  • Live video participation limited to 50 people every call. First people on get these live spots each week.
  • You never have to speak on a live call if that’s not for you. You can always join to watch and say nothing. Or you can join and share and ask as much as you like. Or you can watch the recordings on your own time.
  • Post in The VSC facebook private group with your questions anytime, or message Mel directly.
  • We swear here. If you are not cool with that, this is not the group for you.


Interviews with badass professionals

Example Call

Here is an example of what a member call can look like. Sometimes they are small, sometimes there are more people on. Participate or watch on your own time, post questions in the FB group. Whatever is best for you.



A Note from Mel:

Like all the ground time at every skydiving event I ever organized… my goal with this group is that we learn and it’s as much f*cking fun as we can have together not actually skydiving.
I can’t wait to share with you all what I know. And if I don’t know, I will ask my epic network of legit badasses, and find out for us.
F*ck yeah.
Here we go…………………………………
Any questions, fire away.