Hello friends!
If you’ve been following me on FB or IG, you probably know I’ve been working for months behind the scenes with my fellow professional skydiver, spiritual seeker and friend, Jason Moledzki (aka JayMo), on a brand new podcast called Trust the Journey .today!

TODAY… is launch day! The first 5 episodes are now available.

What a JOY it has been to collaborate with Jay… to have the kinds of conversations we’re having… to even think about the potential for positive impact and connection the show might facilitate for you or anyone who listens. 
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We hope you get so much out of the show!
Our mission is to live, laugh, love and learn together… with you. To create conscious connections, to grow and contribute through our practice of openness, honesty, vulnerability, humility and trust. … Trusting the entire journey. (ahhhhhhh hahaha)
If you are inspired and would like a way to help during our initial launch, please subscribe on iTunes, give us 5 stars an write a short review.
Any and all of these things will help us get into Apple podcasts “New and Noteworthy” category, which will push us to a MUCH larger audience, available one time only and only to brand new shows.
Right on, friends, any questions, feedback, topics you’d like to cover in the future, guests you’d love to see us have on… please drop us a line anytime.
THANK YOU so much for any and all of your support, however you are inspired.
So much love!
Here we go, episodes 1-5…

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